Mecha Hate Chimp's Sketchbook Thread of Love


Figured I’d start an anatomy thread as well.

Open Figure Drawing Workshop #009


Some random studies:


Skull study:


Hi …Mecha Hate Chimp // Joel

Really strong peices, I like the different techniques your useing on each of them.
Especially the last peice, the samurai…beautiful line work in that one, strong mood…:thumbsup:
Look forward to seeing more…:slight_smile:

Take Care



Great to see your Anatomy Thread, and definitely looking forward to seeing your work develop! :wip:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



*Edit: image no longer available.



Sweet, I love this one! This has the same flavor as that painting by Sargent, El Jaleo. Great stuff!! :thumbsup:

[left] [/left]
[left]It’s great to see the Anatomy Forum hoppin’ in 2006! :)[/left]




Sick dude! I love the sultans daughter piece!:thumbsup: How long have you been working with a tablet?


Mecha // Joel…

That belly dancer painting…OUTSTANDING…:thumbsup:
Really like the way you captured the movement in the hands, the lighting,and color black on black…very strong…dramatic…:slight_smile:



Rebecca - That’s such a beautiful piece. I was actually cleaning my garage today and dusted off some old art books. I have so many favorite painters, but I think Sargent, Klimt, Bouguereau and Alma Tadema take the cake for me.

Richie - Ive had a tablet for about two years, but Ive only really worked with it for about a year. My wife bought me the tablet as a christmas present 2 years ago but the first time I used it I pretty much gave up before I even started. I was so used to painting with a traditional brush that I was put off pretty quick. My sole motivation for picking it up and trying to learn to use it was just looking at the work posted on cgtalk and concept art.

I still struggle with it from time to time but nowhere near as bad as I used to. I think the thing that helped me the most wasnt actually using the tablet itself, but learning to use my programs with it. Finding a good workflow is essential.

Glenn - You always post the nicest comments, Thank you sir! :slight_smile: I dont think I can take too much credit though. The person who took the photo I worked from definitely captured the moment. I just repainted what was already there.


I really like the style in the Sultan’s Daughter image… :applause: the other images is really good too… :slight_smile:



I’d like to add myself to your increasing gang of adoring fans, the last painting is tremendous, great brushwork. I think we’d all love to see some of your traditional paintings… any chance of a post? (apologies if I missed them, elsewhere)

nice work:thumbsup:


Hi Andy,

You got me blushing dude… that was seriously a beautiful compliment. Thanks! :love:


Hey, Joel. This is fantastic work youve been doing! I really admire the assuredness of your brushwork and i echo all the other comments on how much i like “Sultan’s Daughter.” Keep em coming!


OMG you are soo damn good :cry:


Did you use this picture as a reference for Sultan’s daughter? It has very striking composition - that’s an awesome pose!


Open Figure Drawing Workshop #10


Ooh, sweet to see the progress! :arteest:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Ninjagirl - Yep thats the exact photoreference I used. I wanted to do something a little closer to a more traditional arabic girl but after googling a bit, thats the closest photo I could find that sort of fit the assignment. I agree as well… that pose on the photograph is what caught my eye too :slight_smile:

zpapageo & zng-Y - Thank you very much. I sincerely appreciate the kind words. Thanks again! :thumbsup:


Great work here!
I’m impressed from Sultan’s Daughter. The radiant emittance reminds me on "Albayde" from Alexandre Cabanel. (EDIT: an “a” to “e”)