Mecha Girl (Realtime character), Rafael Grassetti (3D)


Title: Mecha Girl (Realtime character)
Name: Rafael Grassetti
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, ZBrush

Lowpoly model inspired by the amazing artwork of Marc Brunet

Break down on page02.


Hey, I like it well done. What render did you use? I like the folds in the cloths


Really nice work. Great design, very nicely translated into 3d.




That model looks awesome. Love the hard surface details in the armor, and the cloth is well done! Textures and shading also top notch! Nice scratches and wear and tear in the metal!

Would be cool to see some images with wireframe overlays so we could see how much is actually just normalmaps/textures. The hair seems really nice for a lowpoly character.


Btw, I couldn’t get your wip link to work (not found). Maybe you could re-link it?


excelent! :applause::applause::applause:


Awesome man, really awesome!


Your WIP was gr8 and final image is excelent cooool


Awesome work, I very much enjoy it.


Awesome work grassetti. I have been following your WIP thread, so I know I am in for a treat, the pose renders are especially awesome. :applause:

This is deserving of the Choice gallery & front page plug.


great character!
great work as always!


Stunning! just stunning! :smiley:


amazing work, good to see this one finished :cool:


Very nice work, materials are superb. Interesting the body proportions - these heavy combat characters seem to launch a new era of Mannerism, seemingly a must already in this genre. Otherwise first class! :cool:


very nice man,I like it!


cool design and great render


Thanks a lot guys!
Ive been posting this model here in the forum, here is the wip thread.

Ive made a break down for those interested.




really nice work rafa Amazing details.



Great pose ,Man! Thanks for sharing the detailed process. Can you share how you made the baked maps…did you used mental ray´s ambient oclusion or simple lights? Im having some problems when using MR to do that…its too dificult to have the right ilumination to build a cool AO. Can you share a light setup for that?


this turned out really well! it’s great to get to see your process.