Mech Model, Jeremy Strong (3D)


I absolutely love the paint job, but there are a couple of things that you need to fix. First, clean up the lighting. There is definately some splotchiness going on. Second, you really need to clean up the geometry in the shoulder areas. There is some serious faceting happening and the polys are very obvious. Other than that, very sweet model.


Awesome model man, it turned out great! I love the materials.


Wow great job!! Looks like the time spent paid off!:smiley:


Mrwarrdog- Here ya go. (sorry, Minimalistic kinda guy)

Weider- Thank you

Monovich- You are right, I took the alpha and switched out the background to give it more of a contrast. Mabye this render i made for Mrwarrdog is better =p. and thank you for the words.

Topher737- Hehe thanks, the full shot of it is here .

Maxreal- Thank you =).

AlphaJoe- Yes its some sad things going on, If It didn’t take so long to render, and the fact that I’m moving tomarrow I would of put more time into it. I was HOPING no one would knowtice but…how possible is that? =p thanks you for your input I’ll try to throw somehting more interesing (and fixed!) together when im moved in.

Nwar- <3

rblitz7- thanks, i learned alot during it.


just great man.amazing model,really beautifull.keep it up and 4**** from me!:thumbsup:


i love the style of it, great work. :slight_smile:


Very nice robotic project, 4 stars from me ! :wink:

I do not see much to say, except maybe more robots ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bye !


Very nice & powerful!
Use it in an animation. :wink:


Awsome, that’s what i’m talking about:applause: thanks!


Tutorials on the shader pleasee!!!:bounce:


Yop, cool design.
Especialy legs/knee junction systeme, and head “eye”, but overall style is cool.
Like the modern shader too. Red or dark.

Cool designed model you’ve here. Great work.

Now i understand why a guy asked for others mechas of one serie…

I’d like to see others in the same touch!

But maybe you also could post a rear view of this beast ? Would be interessing too.

anyhow congrats, 4 from me:thumbsup:


I linke the clean and beauful shaders you created! Excelent Work

4 STARS from me! :wip:


Hey Pynhead, great to see a final render!

I remember when this was just a single poly… tear


excellent design, very cool. :thumbsup:


For those that watch Overhaulin’. The mech looks incredible. Bit of Red Baron thing going on there with the color. Totally cool…



Nice Model and Render.

Any chance of some larger renders in different colors.

This one is my current desktop. Have gotten alotta positive comments from co-workers.

Keep up the good work. I love mecha-robots.




I love the design and the material! nice work, do you have other robots?


Cool mech with a neat paint. :thumbsup: I would love to see him moving.

Bye, Noryx


Outstanding renderring and color is so intence! I love the lighting!!
You just hit the jackpot!! lol

Congratulation for your work and time you spend on it!!!
It’s worth to get a critic :slight_smile:

I hope to see more of your work soon until then keep all the good work dude!!!


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