Mech, Lahkim Anas (3D)


Title: Mech
Name: Lahkim Anas
Country: Morocco
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

this is a mech i just used the metal gear rex as reference made some modifications hope you like it i used 3dsmax for modeling and light trace for rendring all c&c are welcome thx

>> Hi resolution image <<


Good Work :thumbsup: and good luck my friend .
I like it


I like it :applause:

but sky looks a bit strange:shrug:


Cool work,nice style and colors.:slight_smile:


Nice image!
I like the snow but it seems there should be some little highly specular dots all over, ice crystals… and maybe some snowy sludge on his legs.


its awesome …preety details on the figure itself…might wanna see it closer to get to those detail parts!!..sweet ass dude


*you are only 16 yrs old?:eek:
*good job!:applause:


hi lakhim anas

ur mech is nice, is this one is some kind of transformer, if so just send the transformed pose of the mech.


no its not a transformer type but got more rendrings for closser look


cool! why don’t you make metal gear ray? I like Ray:)


Rex is cooler than Ray, but id like to see ray too
this really nice.


I like the image a lot, the model is nice also. My only comment is that the image doesn’t have a story behind it. The mech is just placed in the snow and the reality of the situation is wrong. If the mech just arrived (due to its clean condition) then where are its tracks in the snow? The snow all around it is totally undisturbed. If the mech has been in the one spot long enough that the snow around has been frehly filled in then there should be remnants of snow still sitting on the Mech from snowfall… meh, only a minor concern.


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