MECH: first serious work in maya...don´t be too rude ;)


got a nice concept…opened maya…started…

C&C plz


Looking pretty good. I’d say think of it as two layers: teh “armor” shell, and the guts beneath it. So where the armor isn’t present, possibly model wires and micro joints,e tc.


I think the concept sketch is nice and has a great idea. is that your sketch? also, i think the model is straying a bit from the sketch, it looks a bit too “skinny”. the legs you have posted could use some bulking up, and the feet too. Otherwise, very nice start.


C&C plz [/B][/QUOTE]

hi guy, now i found your post. thanks agin for your reply about my thread. if this is your first work with maya, i say “Waoooo”. talent is one of those you can’t buy with money. are you going to add more detail like smoother surface and seams? or just let it be as a low poly model? i want to see a full modeling with smoother realistic culvatures. bye ^^~~~~


Originally posted by Nev4r
I think the concept sketch is nice and has a great idea. is that your sketch? also, i think the model is straying a bit from the sketch, it looks a bit too “skinny”. the legs you have posted could use some bulking up, and the feet too. Otherwise, very nice start.

i’m not so sure that it’s the legs that need bulking but maybe just the feet… judging from the reference pic, it kinda looks like the feet on the reference go about halfway up the ‘shin’ part at their highest point. on your model they only go up to about the ankle. it might just be the armor part of the foot that needs blown up some. all in all good start, hope the rest of it comes out as successful. i’m kind of anxious to see a final render with those spotlights on its head.


@ boboroshi: you might be right about the “guts” but the concept shows non of them, may be i´ll add some later on when i got the basic shape done. on the other hand are outcomeing technicals a week point in the armor…

@ Nev4r: no, it´s not my concept ! it´s taken from

and you might be right, those leggs wouldn´t be able to handle the weight of a bot like this…i´ll give them a little more width.

@ funkyfreebird: this is not my VERY first work in maya. i used cinema for some month but changed the “weapon” :-).

my first work in maya using cinema for more then 3/4 of the modelling work was an APC (with serveral models):

but as i said i did less then 1/3 of the modelling work with maya rest was done in cinema…so the MECH in this thread is my first work TOTALLY done in maya to improve my skills with this tool. hope you still like it :wink:

about the culvatures: i learn quite fast i think but what i didn´t figure out jet is how the birals work… when i do freehand curves the 2 damn curves don´t hit each other so that maya can create a surface out of it…snap to curve doesn´t work eather…there is somerthing i do seriously wrong i think :frowning: but i WILL learn it and do the armor with birals…hope you watch the process from time to time.

@ Soulcialism: i just gave the entire model a little more “width”. i think i will post another process today´s evening.


the only thing i haven´t got jet is: where the hell does the ammo come from ??? from the back of the shoulders ? from the back ? that for i´ll move a little away from the scatch and will place the ammochain coming from the torso of the mech wich makes more sense to me…

if YOU all out there have any ideas about that let me know ! i´m glad for any inspiraqtive help.



i fixed the “skinnyness” of the legs and modelled the “hip” allready:


psycho [/B][/QUOTE]

reading your reply, it sounds like you are using NURBs modeling but to me your modeling now looks polygon. yes, i agree attaching curves and surface in NURBS isn’t easy at all. especially where 3 surfaces meets at a point from dirrent direction gets even more difficult to make a complete attach. i saw a thread here in WIPs “Porshe modeling using NURBS”. I think that you can get some idea from the tread. hope to see your progress soon anyway…enjoy your work, guy


these days i model using the “create polygon tool”… get quite away with it… it´s a pitty that i don´t know much about nurbs modelling :frowning: :frowning: gotta learn this haaaaard !

but i think i´ll finish this baby with my “classic style” wich means poly modelling mostly and some nurbs where it´s useful :frowning:

maybe i´ll try the “porsche-method” so to say the nurbs modelling for the first time. but i´m quite new to modelling with maya, i used cinema before wich is a lot more easy in modelling issues…


i don’t think one should know every different modeling tech. if you are comfortable with poly, i suggest you just to stay with poly as i do. i use poly for base and most of modeling detail and subd to add further detail if necessary only. i don’t use NURBs not because i’m not comfortable with its mapping method. simply i’m not used to it. i saw many who only use one of poly or nurbs but better than anyone else. i belive best tool is what you are most comfortable with.


you´re totally right, funky !

i started modelling with polys and get quite good away with it exapt of round items :frowning: but a well smoothed or subDconverted model can look as good as a nurb-modelled one imo.

right now i kinda got stuck with the torso of the bot…the concept gives no clue about how it looks like…and i´m not very pleased with my own creative ideas… :frowning:


rounding of poly or subd object is extremely important. it’s the key that makes the object looks realistic. it’s not easy and requires great amount of consistent energy as well as precise plan. the image below is my other character’s helmet modeled with polygon and smoothed with subd. at least 2 or 3 edges were used at each rounded edge such as the seamlines. this helmet will be mapped as a part of a human character. now modeling is completed only. For the torso of your robot, i guess the part should consist of great sized power generation part and power transmissions such as gears and pwer cables, etc. what about a power transmission box in front and power generation cylinder at back on the power transmission box? a few number of power cables would add detail i guess. it’s just my idea.


sorry, the link was wrong. here’s the image of the helmet.


amazing helmet ! looks like designed for a jet pilot or something ! great work done there ! would you share a wire of this helmet unsmoothed ?

the idea with the power transmissions is great i will have figured soemthing out by tomorrow. i´ll draw some concepts before maybe…i just got some images of the t800 endosceleton terminator, robocop and some mechs…i think i´ll take the best of every character :smiley:

i just added you to my friend-list btw :wink:



psycho [/B][/QUOTE]

you are now in my friend’s list too,buddy! ^^


the helmet consists of about 10 separate pieces. of course, i would like to share the wire with you. i need c&c definitely since any modeling isn’t perfect in my thought. i will post the helmet together with the whole character to this WIP forum as soon as i can. there i will post the unsmoothed helmet.


i just rendered the current porcess status:

i worked out something for his chest wich will have a simple shape but lots of cables and hydraulic pipes behindf the front armor…haven´t moddeled them jet but i hope you can imagine where this is leading to… the chest and the back are the most creative part on that model since it´s not showing any details of poth parts :frowning:

i also rendered a closeup of the front engine wich should be visible (wich is an obvious week point but hmmm… :wink: ) just like the tuned engine of a stock car…

i added some seams to the chest armor wich will have some nuts and bolts in the future too…

hope you still liek the process.



here´s a chest armor closeup:


i like the way you are making progress…one by one. that kind of process must requires a lot of patience that i don’t have. my feeling at this moment is you will hardly be able to judge about the chest armor design without the main part of original design, head and arm. why don’t you just make those nudgets with outline shape in balance but without detail modeling. then you could get more balanced idea of whole picture. that’s the usual way of mind for modeling. what do you think


i will roughly model the entire chassis to give a better impression of the shape…i allready started to shape out the guns. i decided to create gatling guns in a kinda armor the reference drawing shows…they are going to have infra red and cameras in both arms to locate the enemies…