Mech: Battle


I’m new here… if I miss any rules or traditions or regulations, lemme know…

(this was made with blender)
A mechwarrior that was made and critiqued on
thanks to their support and suggestions, I was able to come this far.

I am 14, and kind of new to blender, but I hope that you guys like my work-


welcome to cgtalk, fellow Blenderer :wink:
the design and modelling look great, but the materials could use quite some work in order to make a fantastic render (I know, I kinda hate textuing too); maybe give the raytraced blender a try for this baby to give him a real metal look and feel?


A standard mech design but executed with great detail. I agree the texture could do with a rethink and also this character really could do with being set into a scene to show it off (like a desert with missile strikes raining down) and grab some attention.

The modelling has obviously had a lot of attention put into it and has turned out very nicely, Well done.


Ahh the trials of the bump-map. I suggest turning your settings down to make the bumps more subtle. Anything over a slight variation, wrinkle or disturbance, looks choppy and fake. For large bolts and rivets, there is no substiture for real geo.

Keep it up!


Originally posted by crimson13
maybe give the raytraced blender a try for this baby to give him a real metal look and feel?
how would I come about a “ratraced” blender? they have one?

hmm, well thank you for your kind comments and critiques… maybe I do have more to put into my mech :smiley: when I find time…:bounce:


how would I come about a “ratraced” blender? they have one?
hehe, just follow this topic on elysiun :wink:
It’s a new unofficial feature that one of the coders implemented. Seems to generate a lot of positive feedback. Currently supported are reflection and raytraced shadows and I must say: the results look great.


Lesson learned - don’t ever bump map screws


cool :slight_smile:

I’ll work on attaching millions of rivits when I get the chance :buttrock:


geebus, you’re only 14? why do I even try to learn this crap at my age. Fantastic job of making the standard mech idea into an anything-but-standard model. Great work.


Nice model, glad to see more Blender users posting here too. My suggestions have to do with the textures as well. Metal on these shouldn’t be chome but a more dull looking material, perferably with battle damage.


I know, I just wanted to try a new feature right off the bat :drool:

it is really nice to have reflections in blender now:cool:
I will at some point in my life make an entire battle scene, maybe 30 minutes long… but that’ll be when I find a LOT of time:hmm:


I love Blender.
Good model…Fantastic to be done by a 14 yr old.
One Crit…the Girder Structure, between the 2 rocket launchers, seems to dissapper into some kind of smooth tank.

Keep up the good work.


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