Mech and Pilot


EDIT: Yay done!

Hosting died. So I’ll just keep the current image right here.

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    here is the old i was working on. [](
    Sorry for the terrible hosting!


Worked on the chest some.


I like the modeling, looks very clean and well made, it seems as if every piece can actually work mechanically, nice render as well.


Unfortunatly, your video link doesn’t work, you forgot to include the proper URL. It just links to the text. :slight_smile:


Thanks! It should work now.

Andrewhwang-Thanks you have some nice modeling yourself, I’ve been following that nice WIP you have as your avatar.


So far that looks solid. Can you post up a wireframe and render specs/times? Just curious.


Here ya go, don’t mind the…hideous leg mesh…they were some old legs I made that i liked that I worked the rest of the model off of. (This was before I knew about the wonderful smoothing groups years ago).

As for lighting, one skylight, one omni and one directional. Render time was just above 3 minutes. If i remember ill get the exact time.



You make me jealous :frowning:

Keepit up ;D thumbsup


That’s pretty sweet looking so far. I’m going to have to keep an eye on this one.


sandrum- Excellent, thanks.
SibSpi- =) well i dont mean to make you jealous but… welll, ill try to keep it interesting for you.

Here is some old but current renders of the pilot, the ONLY part of him that has been worked on to the way i like it is his chest. the rest will be altered very much.

1904 tris


sweet! oh r ya gonna post any updates in the minichallenge thread? anyway i have to try and get back to my mech :stuck_out_tongue: awaiting more updates :wink: .


Yeah, when I have major updates I’ll post there, this is just little stuff that brought me to that point in the challege (besides the chest work)…
and hey! im the last one to post work in there anyway =p.


wow, really cool work. love the magnetic arms,


Just an opinion but the hands seem boxy. Maybe they’re just for reference, or just a start. same with the feet they just don’t seem to match with the smooth body.
Other than that it’s sick as H-E- double hockey sticks.:applause:


Looking good buddy. Now get back to work!

impatiently awaits the next update


weee, a robot! looks nice. i like the look of the upper torso.

animate? hmmmm

keep up the good work, now get back to placing those seats for the whale!


The legs are NOT done at aaaall. So just remember, this is a bit WIP, about 70% done modeling.
It’s getting there slowly. All the old stuff is found here



hehe, very cool. I like! I love the “pissed” mode. cant wait to see more! :applause:


very nice, excellent work. Could post some wires of the unsmoothed version please ?


i like the SNES paint job [purple and gray]

when do we get to see him breakdance :slight_smile: ?