Mean Machine Angel


I currently working on some new game models for my portfolio, I thought i would try and get some feed back on this one before i get into a detail pass on the high poly model. Its based loosely on the movie version of Mean Machine Angel from judge dread (Stallone one). While the move was super campy it had some bad ass overall design, like the ABC warrior robot! ive been working on it for about a week (few hours a night) and ive been focusing on the parts and not the whole so any crits would be welcome right about now.



Big fan of this concept!


For me personally, being a long-time fan of dredd comics and being a comics purist, I think he looks a bit too meaty, like he was the space marine brother of MMA. Mean always was rather average in build, not big in the physical prowess department. Also, his face looks rather insidious, like theres something going on that metal dome of his, while the Mean of the comics only ever had two moods: Oblivious/stupid or raving insane. Also, isn’t he supposed to have his right eye replaced by a bionic eye?

But aside from the concept and my personal shortcomings, it looks like a high-quality piece of sculpting. The cybernetics look quite nice, a good interpretation of the original character :slight_smile:


Awesome, love it! I think more magic could be added if the “mean” levels were added to the dial.

Re: Dredd movie, I too loved much of the design (Angel family, ABC Warriors, MegaCityOne, lawmaster, lawgiver, etc.) but was disappointed by the movie’s overall crappy take on the comic.



Latest wip render, working on dirt and grime on diffuse


Hey thanks a lot hellspawned and lhumungus! I really appreciate the feed back. I finally got some time to work on this model again and am just putting the final touches on the diffuse and spec maps. Hellspawned, your dead right about the proportions so I scaled up the head and tried to tone down the overall bulk, looks a little better now i think. I just have some more work to do on pants and boots and will post some more pics ASAP in hopes of more excellent critique!

Thanks again!


here are a few shots of the torso, I consider the skin and most of the metal done but the arm still needs a dirt and spec pass. also Im not sure if the blue paint works or reads well, maybe no paint at all or les painted areas, or maybe even a different color, let me know if you guys have any thoughts. just have to finish off pants.


here is the wire so far, I just started over on the pants, I figure the whole thing should be around 8k to 9k when im done.


Im almost done with this model, just finalizing pant and boot textures as well as creating knee and boot armor geo, I just have to decide what direction to go with for the armor.
I was looking for some feed back particularly with the proportions, I still don’t feel 100% percent about them. Please let me know if you see an glaring issues or just have ideas. I want to finish this guy off asap.

Thanks again!


I have started skinning and posing the model, the skinning is kinda rough right now but I thought I would try to get some constructive feed back as im almost done here. The proportions still kind of bug me. post more right away.

thanks again


Very cool! The details look great!

I would imagine though that the character would be leaning to the other side to balance out the arm. I did a quick google search, and it does look like most of the drawings do have the character leaning slightly to the left. I think the idea would be to bring the arm closer to the center of gravity on the person so he doesn’t tip over. Your arm does seem a little smaller than the movie one, so maybe he could have a more natural range of motion though.



Great points AJ! I am really bad at posing models so I’m not surprised I picked the wrong way to lean, will fix and post image. As for the arm, I felt it was to small and hearing you mention it I realize I need to scale it up, at least the fore arm part. I also noticed that his arm stump is to short, not because it was cut off but the bicep is to short and the elbow comes only down to his ribs not his hips like it should.

Thank you for the kind words and critique, it helps a lot!



I fixed the pose based on feed back and I increased the size of the arm. I think it looks pretty cool, but we shall see after I set up some lights.


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