MCRN officer, farkas -ekho- zsolt (3D)


Title: MCRN officer

Name: farkas -ekho- zsolt

Country: Hungary

Software: Lightwave 3D Photoshop 3D-Coat

Submitted: 21st May 2016

A quick detour before the jurney’s “making of” ( i know, i know… i couldn’t resist, i had to make this image :slight_smile: ) At first i just wanted to create a helmet for a nodal texturing test… and as usual, it came out differently and became more. So here He is, an MCRN officer.
I think we can call this image an Expanse fan art :wink: Btw, the spark-bubbles are instances and the left light is a small volumetric.


really nice. i love it :slight_smile:


Very nice I am a big fan of “The Expanse”!!
season 2 was too brief.