McLaren MP4 19B (F1 car)


Im beginning this project of a formula 1 car, the Mclaren-Mercedes MP4 19B, which is due to the f1 races in France, but it is in testing. Mclaren had had a lousy year, lets hope this is a better car!

Ive finished the spline guides now, C&C welcome. Starting to model soon.




That’s looking really sweet, interesting approach of modeling that ‘car’ … I’m gonna stay tuned at this thread


cant wait to see the progress! Looks great so far


Looking good so far :slight_smile:

Don’t forget about the so called ‘twin keel’ design they used for the lower pick up points for the front suspension, check this picture,

Keep us updated :wink:


Thank you all for your comments!

buzzbomb: Thanks! I didnt notice that one!

Ive been working on the helmet…


nice star, lets see some wires!


Nice start. Front wing needs some attention where you have exaggerated the curve of the leading edge. It should be almost at the point where the nose supports are.


Thanks for the comments, here are the wires and the steering wheel…


The nose of the car doesn’t drop down that soon. The only things that are low enough to connect to the bottom control arms are the keels.


I did some work for toyota f1 last year and they invited us to a practice session at silverstone. It was fu*king excellent every time the cars go by you get a rush with the sound and the SPEED!! holy cow those things go faster than they do on the telly!

We also went to the factory where they build the cars in germany and saw the wind tunnel and where they make the engines (which my mother would be proud of how clean and tidy it was)
also checked out the room where the CAD guys were i dont think one of them was over 30

anyway thougt id share that with you! sorry

the cars coming on great!


I did something similar a few years ago, back when Renault were Benetton! Giancarlo Fischella was still driving for them and at the end of the session he gave me his gloves!

The steering wheel looks great. Personally, I’d concentrate on getting the car done first and then work on the minor details, but I think switching your concentration to different areas probably helps some too.


This work looks very interesting, looking forward to hearing from it soon…

great start


Thank you all for comments and dudder and pete for sharing their experiences :slight_smile:

Also, the man driving this car will be Kimi Räikkönen (Raikkonen) (Im his fan!)

Ive modelled some area around the cockpit, I will soon do a basic body for the driver (upper body atleast)

Also, yes, the air intake is very small, it is small in the real car too.


Hi, first off, great car to model, it’s got some really interesting details, and is certainly one of the more stranger looking F1 cars around. Second it’s those crits! :slight_smile:

The front wing’s going to need some refining once the basic dimensions of your model are sorted as others have said.

Second, the sidepod air intakes are much larger than how you’ve modelled. It can be tricky to make them out on the McLaren with all that black paint they insist on spraying the car with.

Anyway, I think some pictures of the actual car would be more useful than me nitpicking your model!
Here’s a link to a gallery of pictures from a test at Silverstone - have a good look through them, some are obscured by spray, but there’s a good many where the shape of the car can be analysed.

And dudders, I’m green with envy here! What a trip that must’ve been! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the crits Max Particle! I didn’t notice that photo. It must be because my monitor is dark… Ive copied all the 50 photos from f1-live to my computer since i started to make the spline guides, it’s a very odd car!

But yeah, back to tweaking!


wasnt it the new mclaren at the silverstone testing?

I’m not sure if there would be any changes to the ouside of the car or not tho


Yes that’s what detonum is modelling, the MP4-19B. There is a raft of aero changes on the car, it’s pretty much been completely resculpted aerodynamically. They had to carry out another crash test, as they had to alter the monocoque. The car is also slightly higher than the MP4-19, so Mercedes/Illmor could fit a larger sump to the engine.


They had to carry out another crash test

you mean they crashed during testing ? :wink: