MCG - Extrude by Element


Hi everyone,

i´m taking my first steps in MCG with modest success.
My goal is to create a simple window modifier which creates Window-Objects from simple Planes.
The final result should look like the one on the attached image.

So the basic steps are:

-Inset by element
-Inset by polygon

Step 3+4 should only be performed on MatID 1. It´s not really important right now, but something I would like to implement later.

I already figured out how to Inset by polygon & Extrude, but don´t know how i can Inset by element.
I appreciate any help.




try treating each element as a ‘mesh’, then use OutlineMeshBorders, then merge them back and weld…

(yes, Outline by negative amt is…Inset)

EDIT: ok, make that BevelPoly…since OutlineMeshBorders would shrink the mesh instead of keeping it anchored.

Why BevelPoly and BevelPoly2 ? dunno…you’ll have to ask Vojtech Cada aka Swordslayer

(and beware you have to Weld after you’ve done your business…that’s just MCG…still not suitable for modelling IMO)


Hey vusta,
thanks for the reply and help!
I haven´t found the time to test it yet, but I will give it a try later.


If you use 2018, .tjust use Mesh Extrude Faces.


Hi gandhics,

Yes, i use 2018. Thanks for the hint to Mesh Extrude Faces.
I could still use some help. How do i get all faceIDs related to each element?
Pretty sure I can use the Mesh Face Element IDs, but I couldn´t figure out how.

Thanks and br.


Mesh Face Element Ids will give you the array of element ID in order of faces.
For example, if the array is #(1, 1, 1, 3, 3, 2, 2. Face 0, 1, 2 makes the first element.

Feed the array into Group Indices by Value compound.
Then you will get a pair of element ID and face IDs which belongs to the elements.


well just use MeshExtrudeAllPolygons

then dive inside MeshExtrudeAllPolygons…what does it say ? it tells you how to use MeshExtrudePolygons…dive deeper again…what does it say ? it tells you how to use MeshExtrudeFaces…it’s all there…