MB.LW Skeleton Question


I downloaded 3D Dave’s LW skellie for Motion Builder. THANKS to all who worked on this. It’s going to save some much needed TIME.
I have a question about setting up weight maps for this rig _
Arms and legs have 2 bones each per segment (upper arm, for instance has 2 bones. ) I am assuming that 1 is for IK and 1 for FK in MB. I am also assuming that weight maps should be assigned to the bone named after the segment (RightArm), and that the second bone (RightArmRoll) will drive the main bone. Am I off here? I would like to confirm this before embarking on on point assignment duty.

Second, I know that after bringing my character back into LW I can access the F_Curves to tweak any motions I desire before rendering. My question is — does the rig function? I assume not.

Thanks in advance.


The “Roll” bones do just that, they are used to rotate the main arm or leg bones. I use the same weight map for both bones.

When you bring the animation back into Lightwave, ever bone has a keyframe of each and every frame. It’s harder to tweak in Lightwave with that. BEFORE you plot your animation in Motion Builder, save a version of the scene as a master file (WITHOUT PLOTTING). Then save a new one that you plot the animation, this way when you want to go back and tweak you didn’t destroy the master scene.


Thanks, Dave. And thanks again for the bones.


just a post to tell Dave that his rig is very effective and works really fine with MD…

the only problem for me is to understand MD now :scream:

Personnally, I have modified the assigned weight maps. I have grouped both thighs of my character under the same name. The same for feet, toes and shins. And It is really great, fast and so on and so far

Thanks dave


Will your rig work in motionbuilder 5 as well as 4?

Thanks again, :thumbsup:


edit - need sleep too much fun with motionbuilder not enough sleep…


I looked a while back for the skeleton but couldn’t find it. Could someone post a link to it please?


Originally posted by mr_nebel
I looked a while back for the skeleton but couldn’t find it. Could someone post a link to it please?


I havent tried it in 5 yet


Hey Dave,

One more ??? ------

I assume that any adjustments made to weight maps in MB are ignored by LW upon importing. Correct? Sure would be nice if otherwise.


Thanks for that link Roguenroll its just what i was looking for.


I believe Motion Builders weight map features are only used for animations rendered out from Motion Builder.

Thus far I have had no problems using the skeleton rig in version 5. The hand features work very nicely.


Hey dave, i have a MB question
When i import the fbx file into MB, my mesh is like 20 ft below the skeleton, and then i move the joints, it just deforms the model, but not the way it should be deformed, but all screwy…
any thoughts?


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