If you want some cell shading reference, watch these :

I can send you my surfaces presets, I you want to try :wink:




hi there I haven’t done anything to this for awhile… busy in other things. If I decide to cell shade him I’ll let you know:thumbsup:



j/k…haha ya he’s like an icon of anime freaks everywhere, but I can understand if you don’t know him.



All of these renders are lit with the classic 3 light set up and a bg pic for reflections.
the reflection looks like the beach HDRI pight probe image. Out of interest what is the “classic 3 light set up”?

grt work. I was a goldrake fan… waking up sat morning to watch every episode on my grandfather’s bed. I remember how I cried one day that I could watch it 'cos I had been bad and had ‘tv rights’ revoked. Wow… the memories… that’s gotta be 26 - 27 years ago!!!


it is the beach probe… it was a quick test.
The 3 light set up is:

1-Key light
1-fill light
1-rim light

I use this set up for test and that sort of thing, I then move to less formulaic set ups.
I’m sure you can find tons of info in the forums here about the subject


thx Snows… looking great… keep up the good work.


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