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[B]dang…i guess its all about the renders

its looking good…brings back some good memories. nice pose…cant wait to see your animation for this.

one thing i must say…is that the torso seems to have some clipping problems where the mid section is coming through the his “underwear” type bottom a lil bit…but other than that…its looking real nice…nice materials [/B]

yep the mid section is goin through the pelvis, I’ll fix that after I finish the hover pilder.


here is the latest… almost done.


test renders…
lit with 3 spots.

now on to the interior control instruments and chair.


wow, your lighting setup is great!!
I don’t know this character, can’t say much about that but I really like the renders, what did you do? the lightaccents aare great!!


maybe im crazy but who is Mazinger Z ?


Woow ! great reflections on your modeling


Thanks guys!

Mazinger Z or Majinga Z or Tranzor Z (same thing different names) Is a 70’s anime show. I remember when I was a kid waking up on saturdays and run to the TV to watch this show :slight_smile:

All of these renders are lit with the classic 3 light set up and a bg pic for reflections. Modeled and rendered in LightWave 7.5 there is no post work in these besides the blurry background.


Originally posted by SNoWs
All of these renders are lit with the classic 3 light set up and a bg pic for reflections. Modeled and rendered in LightWave 7.5 there is no post work in these besides the blurry background.

It’s probably the surfacing what makes it look so special then :slight_smile:


good one,
I grew up with this charcter, used to love him when i was a kid

ill take some pics of my actions figure of him and post maybe it helps you

youre still in modelling but i would say change the bg as soon as you can :slight_smile:

Id love to see him flying too


Great Materials! Are they presets or did you develop them yourself?

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I’ve been so busy with machineflesh that I haven’t been able to work on this for a while now :frowning: but as soon as I’m done with the challenge I’ll get back on this.

@Ergi: I have tons of reference material but you are welcomed to post anything you want here. The backgrounds are place holder HDRI’s that I used to test the light set up. I do plan to make the lab swiming pool etc. I was even thinking on making the human characters but that’s soooo much more work.

@allseeingi: the only preset is the cokpit glass of the hover pilder, I made the rest of the materials from scratch;)


very beautiful your mazinger z!!
good job!
do you want to give a look to my GRENDIZER?
bye !..(^_^)


WOW!! I love this stuff!!!

It’s the classic master piece of the japanese robot animations.

I totally love it. and your work is totally bringing that nostalgia.

good job.


-Hwasup Song


God, I haven’t thought about Tranzor Z in about 15 years. I forgot about its existence! Great idea for a project man, you’re gonna have a blast.

This model is looking great, too. No crits from me (The hovercraft render especially, was awesome).


Dude ur renders are soo nice… :thumbsup: I love them
Btw i dont know if u have seen these but here are some pictures of mazingerz i found , just to use them as a reference, they are very nice, but urs are better :scream:
And by the way, just for the record. Grandizer a.k.a Goldrake RULZ :buttrock:

EDIT SORRY my bad i fixed it now :bounce:


Hey, thanks everybody! I didn’t know so many people had replied since my last update. Anyways, I satrted modeling the swimming pool and I’ll post something worth to show soon.

viker, I have seen those:thumbsup: I haven’t done anything special to the eyes of my model tho… maybe I should for the close ups.

piko, I just dropped by, looks fantastic! very dynamic poses too.


I remember him! I had some mazinger toys…Terrific modeling.


ok is not much right now but here is the final swimming pool model… the lab is next.


Damn, this is lookin hot.

I forget, does the pool open up or something?

Keep going!

[EDIT] Just wanted to add: awesome texture work on the previous pics on this page. Love the weathering [/EDIT]


the last head pictures are not mine, maybe viker can edit his post and make the pics a link to the url insted. How about it viker, can you do that for me to avoid any confusion?

oh, BTW the swimming pool does open up and the robot is moved up. I’m still looking to the best way to approach that shot but I think I’ll do that with morphs…