Mazinger Z, Angel Nieves (3D)


right now I have no plans to make Afrodita-A but I might still make the whole intro as I had planned, it just might take a while.

Ashler (Ashura) is an interesting character… he errr, she errr it always freaked me out when I was a kid but my all time favorite bad guy in the series was the Duke Gorgon the half man half tiger dude.


Heya guys, I had forgotten that I had 2 renders of the Hover pilder… these do not have the finished cockpit controls tho.
here they are. I might try to do something fun with it.


saw the link in your sig… wow man that is very accurate! cool!


Man, so far this is the piece from you that I like the most.
I’m nuts about lighting, and your lighting is as real as it should be, keeping the style required for Mazinger.

The pose of the guy is great, as well as the detail on the hand and other robot just beaten by Mazinger.

My brother is a fan of Mazinger since little.
I showed him your image, and he loved it!
This is a very beautiful image, really.
This is 6 stars!

edit: How do I ask for a frontpage for this image?


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