Mazinger Z, Angel Nieves (3D)


Title: Mazinger Z
Name: Angel Nieves
Country: USA
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

Maazziingeeeerrr GO!
I was recently inspired to finish this image… my childhood hero. My brother and I never missed a show, even the re-runs. I’m going to send my brother a poster size print, I think he’ll dig it.
The background is composed using many images… you can see Mt. Fuji in there, lots of battles took place at Mt. Fuji’s skirt. Anyway’s I hope you all like it. Comments are always welcome.
Here is the old wip thread:


awesome work man.


WOW MEN :eek: , 5 stars for this, i grow up watching Mazinger-Z, im from Venezuela, and this anime is the all-time favorite here.

Now you must model AFRODITE :thumbsup: (i think in US version the female robot use the same name).


Great job indeed, a realistic Mazinger is something I’ve always wanted to see, you’ve got the exclusive so far sorta speak:thumbsup:


I’m in love. Mazinger… what a memory from childhood.
Mazinger sister is even funnier, missiles from her chest >^-^<


nice work …:thumbsup:


can somebody please call peter jackson?..:buttrock: i think we have a movie idea here…

awesome materials and rendering…5 stars from me

mazinger rocks!


I think that the ligth is very dark and the textures need more detail, but the model is good.


>I think that the ligth is very dark and the textures need more detail, but the model is good.

I think the light is awesome because it simulates a very realistic backlight situation and the textures are great, looking very realistic.

edit: holy ****, now i saw your image, josemaya and it totally blows me away.


love the shader! However it looks very similar then the one of Josemaya. lol Maybe do a couple of more compositio renders to fullfill our dream . cheer!!!


Hey thanks everyone for the comments!

About the lighting, nemoo is right, I wanted a more dramatic backlight not an even overcast lighting.

What I wanted to achieve in this piece was to get as close as possible to the original Go Nagai’s vision in the anime, so you don’t see dividing lines in the metal nor paint ships and very little scratches. This image depict the first battle, the oponents weren’t even close to make a dent on Mazinger.

Here is a detail shot of the head. You can even see Koji Kabuto, the pilot, in the cockpit. :wink:


Yeah, How could we forget this guy, Nice to see ur work here Angel, I think textures are ok, many of us are allways expecting rusty or dirty metal, but he looks just like he should be to remember our childhood :cry:


Thanks Climax!
I wanted to have nice shiny metal. After each battle he would get repaired, at the beggining of each episode he looked like new :wink:


I love the portrait style angle you chose. And the nice detail of having Mt. Fuji in the back…no question where he’s at.



wow … very good …!


wow really is a great job but i have a question what software do you use? mazinger its a favorite character about my young age and this is a good image about them congratulations and thanks for remember good times on the TV


WOW man! Thats amazingly realistic-like transformer i seen.!!+++


Bueno, no se si es por los recuerdos, pero estoy gratamente soprendido de ver este robot que me trae tantos recuerdos.

Fantastico, really that’s a fine work and incredible 3D.


Hey thanks guys! I’m a huge fan of this show, I started this last year and then I put it off for a variety of reasons… but finally got around to finish it. :wink:

@ ftorrev: este anime era o todavia es bien popular en Puerto Rico tambien. Cuando era chico no me lo perdia! :thumbsup:

@darkham_x: I use Maya and Lightave but this one is all Lightwave, I had started in Lightwave and had developed my shaders in Ligthwave back in Jan. 2004 so I decided to just finish it in Lightwave. If you are interested the WIP thread is still here with wire pictures and detail shots of the Hover Pilder too(which is fully rigged and animatable) look at the first post for the link.


Good work Angel.

Do you have any model from Afrodita-A???

Go Nagai is a weird and surprising artist… can you remember “Varón Assler” (in spanish)?