Mazinger, Jose Manuel Liébana (3D)


Wow! I haven’t seen Mazinger in forever! Well Done! I love the damage to both the street and the surface of your model!:buttrock:


man- this puts a big smile on my face. No critique- I’m just enjoying the show. Good work.


wow, that looks great, Didn’t they call those things Shogun warriors too, I remeber having one of those huge things. I loved playing with it when i was a kid


Damn this is awesome, no crits at all!
It gives me a realistic feeling, like much special effects in the movies!!


It’s Great! I love the craters on the road and the big crack in the building where the mazinger’s hand is :slight_smile: Nice texturing on Mazinger too.


Brilliant work! Great lighting!


Congratulations!:applause: De puta madre tío!

five stars!


Incredible work man!!! :applause::applause:
Fantastic model, textures, lighting and composition. Waiting for one of the bad robots to fight against him jajaja. Five stars work for me.

Increible tio, mola un huevo. Un trabajo de 5 estrellas. Enhorabuena :thumbsup:


very good job ! ! excellent composite , in part the ground details! ! impressive


It looks freaking awesome!! I love the Mazinger Z. Very Impressive. :thumbsup:


Esta de puta madre! Josema congratulations, very good work.

Ole ahi! :eek:


Muy guay josemaya, solo le falta hechar rayos y reventar la gran via con coches saltando, ajaja…mola muchisimo tu composicion!! :)))) una hartá! eres un artista! ;p


Wow!!! Impresive work Josema, I love everything about your image, but I specially like the broken parts of the road and the building. A lot of stars for me. I wanted to go to Capitol cinema, but I´m afraid of this evil Mazinger. :thumbsup:

Te has ganado el cochinillo.

Dwarf before the battle


Excellent ! Great compositing !


Excellent, it’s really cool and I love Mazinger (actually I prefer the Great one more than Z)… if you allow me a little nitpicking the metal is a little bit to shiny, and it distracts a bit…


Yeahhhhhhhh!!! :eek:

Impressive integration and lighting Josemaya, amazing work men!!!

I hope to see animated soon. :thumbsup:



Massive props to you… I love it… err and want one

5 stars and why isn’t it on the front page!


Muy bueno Josema, sobre todo las texturas i la composicion, mencantan ^^

Me lo parece a mi o a parado de andar solo para posar xa la fotografía? jejej

Mu wena si señor

Freak for all


Mazinger my love
Great composting
5 stars:)


Cool!cool!cool!i Very Like It!