Mazda teams up with transformers


Pretty neat.



I see the RX-8 more as a stunticon :stuck_out_tongue:
Due to the fact rotarys arent very efficient in fuel…Or maybe they run on energon now?


that is pretty :cool:


is this for the new cartoon series?


Loved the robot sequence.


Very very cool, don’t know why the car companies and Hasbro haven’t gotten together sooner. (Sigh) Just wish I could work on it too…

Good job to whoever did the Transformer.



drool I soooooooo want one.


This Transformer is part of a new line called Alternators - which basically re-engineers modern day cars into existing characters with a high degree of complexity and poseability.

Please make sure you read the instructions if you buy an Alternator. It is not the Transformer toys you remembered from the 80s. :wink:

There is no cartoon show, this line is targetted at collectors and adults.


ah ok i thought they were doing another series called energon or soemthing? im so pleased the movie is gonna be G1 tho :slight_smile:


Originally posted by commy
ah ok i thought they were doing another series called energon or soemthing? im so pleased the movie is gonna be G1 tho :slight_smile:

That’s another line. There are 3 Transformers toy lines running concurently at the moment: Energon, Alternators, Universe.

Alternators looked so good in car mode that it can be placed in a glass display case. :smiley:


Now I want to see a Decepticon Peugeot 504.:smiley:


That would be amusing, I thought that particular altnator was called sideswipe is he a remake of the original then?


I got my Smokescreen Alternator sitting next to my monitor right now - its the WRC WRX.


BTW, the American versions of these toys (atleast the WRX) are all plastic - I know you can get the Japanese vesion which are metal, but they cost around $50.


anyone else noticing a trend? There seems to be a transformer movement going on. ie people modeling alot of transformers and then this happens … what’s next thendercats?


I think there is defintly a trend going on… alot of the shows/cartoons/whatever that are starting to be popular again are the ones that my generation grew up with back in the 80s. Now that we are older we look back at the good-ol-days and want to relive some of that fun. I think 10 years ago, the thought of re-hashing Transformers or TMNT or even Knight Rider would have been laughed at, but look at what is happening today. TMNT is back, there was a KR game not too long ago, same deal with Robotech, and now the ultimate of 80’s trends (atleast for me), Transformers are making a comeback.

:applause: :bounce:


personally, im waiting for movie versions of:

‘Jayce and the wheeled warriors’, ‘Visionaries’ and ‘Centurions’


Seems to me that a lot of old things are becoming popular again.

Is the movie going to be G1 then?


it’s because originality and innovation is dead.


I know it’s sad though how not many people can ever come up with some thing new for a change.


That was really cool! Since it’s flash, I bet they used swift3D or something like that, eh? I wonder if this will tie into the upcoming movie? What if all of the Generation I cars in the movie are attach to specific vechicles?