Maya's Future.


Thank God, getting the Ribbon UI into a crossplatform app like Maya is out of question .
Better UI extensions for Maya can be added via Qt, cause Qt itself is constantly evolving.
(The Hotbox for example could have a shelf on it’s own, with context sensitive tools. etc…)


So as someone who spends a lot of time designing UI’s I still don’t consider that a good use of pixel space. Sure it’s nice that you can collapse it to a single line but that’s still a unnecessary single line in my opinion and furthermore you’re still floating windows, clicking menus to expand them and the sort/organization inside of the ribbon is far from optimal. I’m not a big fan of the giant Shelf in Maya, I actually don’t use it and put all my tools and custom scripts into my own customizable menu on the top bar just because I find the Shelf takes up way too much space.

The vast majority of operations in Maya are so easily accessible through marking menus, hotbox and regular file menus that I find it hard to find a valid argument about why Maya could really use the Ribbon. Marking Menus are 1000x more flexible and customizable not to mention faster and directly at your finger tips so why would we want to add another element in the UI on top of the status line and shelf where users would still have to float windows?

I understand some people like the ribbon but for me there are flaws in its design that override almost all of its benefits. If the purpose of a design is to simplify the UI and make things more easily accessible then why should the user need to float more UI’s? Why should they have to hide it by default and expand it when needed? I’d consider the things that Ken showed in the XBR sneak peak like the floating widgets to be a far better design than that of the Ribbon as far as accessibility of tools goes.


Some peolpe are so crazy :bounce::D:D:D:D:D:D


So there are different opinions on the ribbon,so let´s move on. I only like the hotbox and find the shelf a waste of screen space. But I´ll never understand why most humans don´t share my excellent opinions ; )


I think the point I am trying to make is that because everyone has unique tastes, a good UI would allow you to create whatever works best for you (or your company) and your workflow. Happily, you and your Max counterparts are providing just that. I am not advocating that Maya adopt the Ribbon, just merely pointing out that it does not mean your “crazy” if you enjoy working with it.

Anyhow, I think I have hijacked this thread and lets go back to talking about how to improve Maya. That and the fact that my wife is glaring at me which means its time to go shopping.

Over and out.



Thank you! Here is an improvement suggestion from me: Make the delete non-deformer history command work with histories who have blendshapes. Usually characters have blendshapes and thus often times you cant delete non-deformer history on them.I know I should make an official sug, but I am too lazy for that : )


I think a button “collapse history” in addition to delete history would be nice. theory being that everytime you"collapse history" collapses all your poly history nodes into a single poly edit? and each time you collapse the history it would make a new node? This would be similar to creating multiple edit poly modifiers in the max modifier stack. Mayas history can get quite sluggish and deleting that history is fairly destructive.

If there is a way to do this that im not aware of id love to be informed :slight_smile:

Just an idea…


Saving this collapsed history to a file on disk, might be an option. I think that is how it’s accomplished in Houdini. Then you could maintain the possibility of going back, if you needed to.


I’ll look if I can hack the Qt UI to utilize an “CTRL+MMB-scroll” instead of the “LMB+K” key combination… MMB-scrolling just screams for timeline interaction.


I’ve got a script/hotkey setup on my Intuos 4 that scrubs the timeline with the wheel on the Intuos if people are interested in it.


I am interested in it.It would be a nice feature… :slight_smile:


Nice jog dial there! I’ve done something similar to my touchstrip on my Intuos3.
It’s not a script though just a frame forward/backward key customization.
Still, I’m just using my mouse while animating, so the ctrl+MMBscroll would be more convenient.
(For me, at least.) Hopefully it’s doable with the Qt UI.


Yep, same here it’s just a little script I have assigned to hotkeys to play forward or backwards like a jog dial :slight_smile: The wheel has come in so handy for me, I should put up a bunch of the hotkeys and scripts for things like artisan windows and other paint based operations now that I think about it.


How’s your suit doing Boost? :smiley:


Thankfully nobody threw anything at me while at GDC and people were pretty calm during my talk albeit some funny questions were raised about Maya :stuck_out_tongue: From what I gathered the response on the show floor was pretty positive as well so it seems I’ve become The Stig now sitting at my desk in the full suit with nowhere to go!


@Boost Abuse

Is mental ray is tightly integrated in maya 2011. I am really sick of using mr in maya while in Max it’s just easy like eating a piece of cake.

I can tolerate every other bugs, But this one is too much. :cry:


Has anyone also encountered the fact that the Wacom pen isnt able to scroll anymore? But whats more curios is the fact that even in Firefox (in case of pressing f1 for the help file) i cannot scroll anymore oO !! Its working in other tabs but not in the Autodesk help file!
Beside that the floating windows, tabs and editors keep remaining in foreground regardless where you klick or which app you bring in front! Very strange and annoying.


unacceptable bug:


hah - time to start on another year of this thread then?


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