Maya's Future.


Disclaimer:This thread is not about Maya 2011. This is not about a future wishlist. This thread is also not about XSI, “MAXYA” or any software mergers in any way. Thanks. Now we’ve got that out of the way…

Basically I’ll get straight onto the topic.

Recently, as some of you may know, Autodesk has announced some radical new plans in store for Max, which include some significant planned updates and changes.

From Ken Pimentel’s blog:

Excalibur (or XBR) is a restructuring of 3ds Max that is intended to occur over three phases (not releases) and addresses fundamental improvements in workflow, UI and performance.

There are some planned core updates to Max such as:

  • Rehaul of the UI
  • More node based features
  • Improved scalabilty with Hardware (ie viewport performance updates)
  • New and updated core multi-threaded architecture
  • Tighter integration with rendering systems

ANWAY…this leads me to the ultimate question. Why is it that Autodesk cannot talk about Maya’s future?

Maurice Patel on Maya:

Unfortunately we cannot disclose the roadmap publicly for legal and accounting reasons.

It is a legal reality and a matter of business ethics that we do not make speculative claims

I know XBR is not a detailed roamap for 3DS Max per se, but it gives a very good indication where it is heading.

I’m sure we all know (if you’ve been paying any attention at all…listening to the wind), that Maya does have some nice plans…but what I’m not sure of is why Autodesk are not allowed to release similar statements regarding Maya’s plans?



That’s a question I asked myself alot.
ADSK says it can’t disclose roadmaps for legal matters yet the same doesn’t seem to apply for max.
They say “we can’t make promises that could turn out to be vaporware”.

Disclosing such info wouldn’t be illegal IMO. Intel, which is also a publicly traded company often anounces roadmaps and occasionally can’t deliver. (Larrabee) Nobody sues them.

This can only lead to 1 conclusion. ADSK doesn’t know the future of Maya either.
They can’t decide. There’s no leading vision. There’s nobody like Bill Buxton.

This is no surprise cause with all the aquisitions, too many product managers piled up, who probably have their own agenda. And with names like Jos Stam disapperaring, I’m very curious and pessimistic about the future of Maya too.


Hardware is different to software in the sense that you can’t “subscribe” to Intel’s hardware platform. The rules are slightly different for that, from what I gather anyway.

I’m more curious than worried about Maya’s future but I would definitely like to know why Autodesk can talk about XBR.


There are many OEMs and big names like Dell who subscribe to Intel hardware. Anyway.

Why ADSK can talk about XBR is beyond my scope. The only thing that pops up to my mind is ADSK is trying to launch a new non-open source industry standard and is beginnig to pave the way.


Yeah, it’s certainly strange the more I think about it. The whole throw-together of Toxic and Matchmover, and Unlimited into one “package” for 2010 was an interesting move.

I wonder if that was always planned down the road long term or it was just a case of a last minute decision as a result of 2010 missing the release cycle and something just needed to be done for it’s release?

Now that I think about it, it’s quite a funny situation they’re in now. Do they keep on developing these apps under Maya’s budget and keep them separate? Do they freeze those apps once Maya’s development gets back under schedule and Maya continues normally? Or are they planning something bigger (ie do what they’ve already said what they haven’t done…merge Toxic (Sorry! Maya Composite I meant) with Maya.

So many interesting possibilities and directions Maya could head into…I’d like to know about it since…well you know, I use it everyday for a living.


My personal prediction?

3DS SoftMayaImage Max 2012.


Actually that’s what should happen. An ultimate app like Inferno. (at a more reasonable price of course)


I’m enought old to have seen how Wavefront buy TDI, And how Alias buy Wavefront,

Does anybody knows where are TDI and Wavefront now??

but there was the pleistocene when the 3d software was only for Silicon Graphics, and Maya doesn’t exists

Sorry i must to say that TDI and Wavefront were 3D software


I watched the XBR webinar and the development team is made up from many parts of Autodesk (Maya, XSI, Revit etc), so there is a bit of convergence there. They did maintain their desire to keep the three apps separate. But who knows.

As for why they went public with XBR:

  1. their plans were leaked, so they decided to quell the rumor mill and speculation by showing all that they were allowed to legally.

  2. I did not realize, but Max has more users than all the other packages combined (this stat could be off), so they are keen to keep those users and felt that a reassuring announcement about their future plans would go along way in doing that.

That said it would be wonderful to have a similar webinar on Maya’s roadmap. Since apparently they are legally allowed to divulge information, so long as it is not about features.



The problem with that is all of the programs approach, handle, and do things in very different ways. You run the risk of pissing off people who have been using one or the other for a long time. I think you’re asking for more headaches than its worth trying to make and push a Mayaxsi on the users.


The rules of NASDQ and the other major trading markets require the listed companies to announce in a timely basis any major development be it good or bad that can affect future profits. So, my take on this is that either there is no major development in Maya department or if there is it will not affect the overall finances of the company for reasons like small market share.


You should probably let him know he’s getting the axe… he still thinks he’s with AD.


[li] Senior Research Scientist at Autodesk [/li][/ul]


My crystal ball is in the shop, i’ll get back to this thread when it gets back to me. Until then I tried out my Magic 8ball, and it gave me the dreaded “Reply hazy, try again”, but I threw it at the wall so that idea went to crap real quick.


Yeah, sure naturally it is interesting to speculate what will happen to Maya, but I’d just like to know from Autodesk if we’re able to get a similar presentation on Maya like we did with XBR.


You assume all software at ADSK is being developed at the same rate. Maybe they’re not at a level they feel comfy with sharing info yet. Or maybe the Illuminati are controlling it and don’t want anyone to know about it. Or maybe…

Go ahead, speculate, i’m going to go sit in a rocking chair.


maybe get in contakt with
and ask him…


Not at all. However I do expect that Autodesk have a roadmap of some sort for all their software.


But seriously, I thought I’d get a little more out of this thread than a few sarcastic comments.

Anyway, back to work.


I think it is the title of the thread.:slight_smile:
To me it also sounds like a thread about crystal balls. May be your question would have been taken more seriously if the title was reflecting better what you actually wanted to know: why Maya users are not informed as much as the users of other Autodesk programs about future development?

edit: wait a minute! I just looked at your first post again: Is the information you quote, officially coming from Autodesk?