Mayas binary floating point numbers


I’m trying to read some numbers from a maya binary file. But I can’t figure out how maya stores floats. It seems not to use the ieee 754 standard for 4 byte floats.

For example maya writes 1.0 as 00 00 00 F0
and -1.0 as FF FF FF 10

:argh: Thats really strange. Maybe its a fixpoint representation?
Does anyone know which floating point representation maya uses? Or any other standard beside ieee 754, so I can compare them.


It doesn’t use floats. Try doubles. Of course, attempting to read anything from a maya binary is a complete waste of time - Create a polyCube, then save as a *.mb, and you will not find any mesh data in it - just info about the nodes that created the mesh… To do it successfully, you’ll need to re-write Maya…


Im only trying to read the startframe, endframe etc. from the binary. I know where they are stored, which 4 bytes make up the number. But I cant make sense of those 4 bytes.
Doubles are floats, just floats with double precision. Usually they take 8 bytes to store. I do wonder why Maya only uses 4 bytes for their “Doubles”.


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