Mayaman 3.0.00 available


from the mayaman mailing list, Chris Bone give us the great news!

Hi All:

MayaMan 3.0.00 has been uploaded to our ftp site ([]( it's been through an intense dev period over the last 18 months or so as part of the effort to support the Legend Of The Guardians project and I hope you'll find this to be the best mayaman ever.
Included in this release is a mayaman build for maya 2011 on linux64 as well as a maya 2010 build for win32 and linux64.
Download it and read the release notes for more info... the list is huge.


Are there plans for a mac osx version? Does mayaman support more than prman, like 3delight or pixie?


10x for info but people from AL must make a win64 build, no1 uses win32 anymore,

so this thing is useless if u ask me…



From an earlier discussion on the mailing list:

We have no plans to support any win64 builds nor for maya2009 on any platform… in both cases because we just don’t have any of that around.

I guess most of their development is tied down to in-house requirements and they just don’t seem to be using Win64. Or at least they aren’t doing any rendering on them. Which is really weird logic. If you are using Windows then why Win32! :shrug:


Where all on linux here.

MayaMan rocks, imho kicks RMS out of the park.


MayaMan can output to many different RenderMan renderers, so it is not tied to any particular rendering product. There are many exciting new RenderMan renderers currently in development, and MayaMan should support any popular products in the future

It should be easier to add specific stuff for any renderman flavour you’re using.


Yes, it does output to various RenderMan compliant renderers. But you have to be careful with certain features like the built-in Global Illumination when using MayaMan as most of it is specifically developed with PRMan in mind.

IMHO, if you want to use 3delight then I would highly recommend that you stick to the 3delight for Maya plugin that comes free with it.


Here you can see few screenshots of a VFX shot using Mayaman


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