Maya Workstations (which GC?)


Hi all,

This is my first post here but I’ve been reading different forum posts over the last few months in order to find the answer to a single question “what Consumer Graphic Card to replace a Professional one like the Quadro 4000 for Maya?”

To make it short, I’m working for a small videogame development studio and we’re planning to change most of the computers very soon. For now we’re using Maya 2009 but we plan to upgrade it to a newer version (we might wait for Maya 2014). The thing is that professional Graphic Cards like the Quadro 4000 cost a lot and the artists working here just recommand working with consumer products since they’re “just as good”.

The thing is that I saw here and there different feedbacks from people saying these cards had problems with Maya, because of the drivers especially. To be honest, I don’t know what to think. :hmm:

We all like NVidia, because… you know… their drivers usually work very well compared to AMD’s… but if they did something to make it impossible to actually work with their cards we might have to buy AMD :banghead:

We’re hesitating between two cards:

What do you think?


Nobody has an idea? :shrug:


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