Maya viewport rotate pan shortcuts causing unwanted geo move when the move tool is selected


Hi cgers

if you try and select using the move tool alone( not the selection tool)

in say 1 out of 10, attempts the geo will move a small amount
when you click to select the geo, similar thing will happen with verts selection if using move tool
while selecting…you will see a jump move.

this causes 1 out of 10 geo you selected to be slightly off start point.

ONLY SOLUTION dont select using move tool.

for anybody else getting other similar issues for users not familiar with mayas hot keys.
ie using other 3d programs then forgetting mayas shortcuts

mayas viewport rotate pan shortcuts are
causing unwanted geo movements when the move tool is pre selected,

ie when you shortcut rotate and pan in any viewport,
if the move tool is selected
maya tries to grab the nearest geo and move it,
without your consent.

additional solution

it occurs when user accidentally presses ctrl not the alt key
ctrl lmb
or ctrl mmb

this will cause nearest geo to move

seperate issue: BIG ISSUE MAYA SAGA…read maya never fixes bugs.
the longstanding years old bug,
of suddenly mayas viewport shortcuts are ignored
and it switches to hotbox selection mode.
when using alt lmb or alt mmb

anybody ever solve this besides a maya restart.
(or some wierd combination of ctrl alt mmbdrag in viewport to reset that doesnt work)

Does anybody know the shortcuts used prior that specifically cause this to happen,
say 10 times in a working day? Thats 10 restarts for a years old bug , time lost 50 mins

maybe left click w e r in empty are viewport