Maya Unbinds skin for No reason


so this has happened to me twice now, I will be binding multiple meshes, then all of a sudden all of the skeletons unbind. This keeps happening to me and its extremly frustrating, does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

the mesh is composed of several separate pieces, I will bind one peice to one skeleton, another to another, then check the original, its still bound. thenI dont know what happened, i remeber messing around with parenting, all of a sudden all the peices are unbound (even tho they are in no way connected) then i open the file without saving but the pieces is STILL unbound. hours of work is gone. I really need to finish this, please help


have you a shortcut for delete history…?
i ran into this shortcut deleting my skinbin several times…


Not that I know of, But maya keeps doing weird stuff so I’ll check. Thank you~


Wich version of Maya are you using?

Maybe its a miss configuration of the “bind skin options”, click on edit/reset settings, also you need to delet history of your model first as it was said before and since its composed of multiple parts, you have to do it to each part, or maybe you are unbiding yourself your model by binding each time a sepparated peace to its original rig, you should only “add influences” or you will delete your previous work by re-binding each time, influences will only add the new piece to an existing binded rigg,

just as an advice you should always work by saving your work several times during a job or use incrementals, because when a problem like this happens you can go back and find the moment in wich the problem started to happen, if you dont find this problem it will keep happening in the future.

You can also add this complain to my bug report list in here: