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I’ve just completed my Maya 2016 for beginners video tutorial and wanted to share it with you. I put this together with the aim of making it the most accessible way to learn Maya 2016 as it really can be a daunting piece of software for newcomers. I have looked at paid tutorial series’ and I really believe that my tutorial is at least as good as these and I have put a lot of time and thought into including additional material. Please take the time to take a look at it and share it with anyone that you think would benefit and please leave feedback if you believe it could be improved in any way :slight_smile:


There is also a written version of this tutorial series which can be found here - Maya 2016 for beginners (written version)



Didn’t find anything on Maya Customization in the links, Please, can anyone share very useful link(s) with video tutorials on customizing different things in Maya?


Didn’t find anything on Maya Customization in the links, Please, can anyone share very useful link(s) with video tutorials on customizing different things in Maya?

Here is a very useful free Maya customization tutorial.


Hello, I’m new here. I just started learning Maya, I have the DigitalTutor 2016 Maya tutorials, which has you modeling, rigging, animating, texturing, dynamics/etc a gunship.

My question is, obviously I don’t think jumping into anything past modeling is recommended yet since I’m new, so, once I finish modeling the gunship (which by the way is horrid compared to the tutorial, wireframe/mesh wise). Where do I go from there? Obviously I should continue modeling random objects, especially curved objects, to get better. But how do I go about learning the best practices/techniques/what order to learn them in?

My main goal is to do character modeling as well as level design. And I know very very little about topology, and I am sure there is a ton more that I have yet to know about. Any help/pointing me in the right direction would be extremely appreciated.


Video tutorials are by far the fastest way to learn. There are some specialized modeling courses that may be beneficial. I’d also find some modeling books. Stop Staring by Jason Osipa is where I learned proper facial topology for characters.

Other than that, just keep modeling! There’s no substitute for just trying things, failing and figuring out what went wrong.

EDIT: Also analyze other models to see how things are structured.


this is some of my bookmarks with the board !!!

maya tutorials


My FX Power User Program is now free for everyone

English version at
Spanish version: www.



Hi, I want to try searching for information before creating a new thread, on how to create render passes breakdowns for an asset that I have in maya. Any great sources of information on how I can achieve the results that I want.

Much thanks!


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A short tutorial which shows a fast way of generating wireframe renders using viewport 2.



Working with Imperial units in Maya


While this long list of Links is cool, many of the links are dead.

So I wrote a small program to extract all Tutorial Links from all of the Pages from Page 1-65. About 1/3 of the Links refer to Sites that no longer Exist, another 1/3 result in 404 Pages.
Original List
404 LIst
Unreachable Sites

The result is these “Working Links” (well they manually have to be verifed if they work or not). As soon as I will find the time I will refine the list a little more, to make it an awesome working Link collection again.


Dead Links, need to update this thread.


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I started a new thread with the updated links:


new RenderSetup tutorial