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I created this tutorial for my students who kept asking how I went about doing this, so here it is in .jpg format. You can get a .pdf version on my website along with other tutorials at

Please let me know if you notice any issues or have any questions.


Created a Maya tutorial on Planet Earth,

This is my first time making a tutorial, and I’m still studying how to use Maya so I do make silly mistakes from time to time! But I left it all in instead of cutting it out just because I think it helps people learn when they see the outcome of a mistake and how to solve it.


here is a new tutorial center.

have a good day.


new fx tutorial added :bounce:


Hello, all,

I’ve recently started a Maya tutorial YouTube channel, so just wanted to post a link here for anyone interested. Still early on, just about 25 videos so far, but hope to have a lot more eventually. It’s called The Maya Toolbelt and is focused on explaining all of the tools in Maya in a lot of detail.


Definitely open to suggestions and requests for what comes next!



new tutorial added


new tutorial added


new tutorial added


What an amazing collection of resources.
Thank you all for providing help to those of us new to CG!


I would love to see some advanced Mental Ray shading tutorials, as well as a (black) studiosetup.


Ferry, here’s a tutorial on using Mental Ray’s new MILA material. It is a layered shader, and it replaces the legacy MIA materials.



Ehy guys !!
I created a new tutorial on " How to customize Autodesk Maya ViewCube".

How to customize Autodesk Maya ViewCube

Hope you enjoy !


Hi everybody,

On the topic of Maya modeling ( and animation ) tutorials I would like to add this channel

I currently have approx 220 Video tutorials on modeling, rendering, texturing, lighting, animation etc.

Level of the videos Beginner to Intermediate.



I see you have used nice caustics…
can you suggest me on doing it for a diamond. I have tried many tutorials and followed a lot of vid.

but I am not getting the perfect caustic I only get the model of diamond done but not light passing through… :frowning:

please advise


Hi all,

This is my first post here. I’m excited to have joined CGsociety!

Recently I wrote a short beginner’s guide on UV mapping basics that I’d like to share:

I’d be happy to hear what you think of it :slight_smile:



 This tutorial will give you the basic options and tools regarding the shatter by using PullDownIT plugin.



Hi guys,

this might be a useful how-to for some of you: when thinking about turning your maya model into a 3D print, your files need some extra preparation steps.

In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn how to make your maya model 3D printable:



Hi everyone,
I made a tutorial about making particles morph into different shapes by using the goal function. A huge thanks to Guello Marketing and VSE Corp for making this possible. Enjoy!



Wow that’s great! Thank you! :bounce:


this is awesome, thank you!