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hi there every one :slight_smile:
i am new in cg society talk forum… i know it is too weird to reply in this post … so accept my apologies… :slight_smile:
i want to make 3D sound equalizer in maya… is there any easiest way ??
please help me … looking forward for the reply

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Unless there is a plugin that does this already I think you’d have to write one… that is to analyze the audio and to output amplitude values for specific frequencies.


Would it be possible for anyone to update the links to the turtorials in the first post? Many of the first links (under “basic”) appears to be dead to me.

I’m new to maya and 3d modeling in general, so I need to find some turtorials and info on where to start and how do things. :slight_smile:


@galrot if you go to and look through the maya section, you’ll see where he links the maya tutorials from and that’ll give you a good idea of where to get the ones you like.


^^ Thanks for your answer. I will check out the link you provided.

I’ve also looked at this so-called Beginner’s Guide to Maya at a so I do think I have started to get a understanding of the absolute basic in Maya.

I intend to use Maya to model cars. I found this tutorial which I intend to practice with:

However the first step in that tutorial is to create a four wheels/cylindres in two rows next to each other. I don’t really get how I’m supposed to do that … How do I get them do line up perfectly in two rows? Any ideas or any tutorials that explain it to me?

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Thanks very helpful!


I thought I’d share this as it may be useful to some of you:

Please bear in mind that regardless of reaching the goal or not I will still release 3 Maya Dynamics courses, a RealFlow course as well as an Introduction to Maya for Effects. Each course is a bit over 12 hours of video and it will be in both English and Spanish.




 Can check this out.



If you are completely new, instead of tackling advanced tasks, I would suggest getting a grasp of the foundation even if it takes you away from your immediate desire of car modeling temporarily. With a foundational understanding, you can better understand tutorials for specific objects like cars and be able to troubleshoot.

I recommend and as you already know, Digital Tutors. Best to you.


Thanks a lot! :bowdown:


[B]Hello guys,

I’m Paulo from Philippines, a frustrated graphic artist. I’m a fresh graduate in college and lucky to find job from a private local company.

I’m looking for someone who can help me on my frustrating problems.(Maya 2011) my superior gave me 2 weeks to study Maya 2011 but I’m so hard to find forums or any website that can help me on my specific problems.

I already downloaded some Maya tuts in youtube but some of its, did not help me a lot. Can anyone could be my mentor in Maya 2011? So I can easily be familiarize with this software.

You can reach me @ skype anahcheenray or emai me @

Thanks and more power, i’m looking forward asap to someone who can saved me from termination. ;(


Hi good people,
I am 37 year old guy, always wanted to learn 3D since last 15 years but I didn’t get the chance and obviously no resources to learn. I tried once in 2002 to learn 3D studio max but due to personal reasons was unable to complete.
Now I have chance and time to learn and I think I can do pretty well.

Any help and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Right now I am thinking about subscription of Digital tutor.

Thanks and Regards,


I’ve found Eric Keller’s Maya books to be very well written and reasonably comprehensive. There are several.Here is the latest overview book. You can buy a used copy for 10 bucks…
There are also several people, including Autodesk, that have extensive Maya tutorials on YouTube.


I’d say go for digital tutors they have great tutorials for maya since start till the end also they’ve got tuts for 3ds max but i’d say go for maya. their website is If u need any further informations post me message
Also great tuts are offered on gnomon workshop website but they are basically focused on advanced users not bigginers


Thanks for advice!! I have subscribed to Digital tutor and already learning Maya 2013.

Thanks once again.


We all seen a welding machine in mechanical workshops. We are going to create the same machine in Autodesk Maya, with the use of particles. In this tutorial we will use distance dimension tool and few very simple lines of expression in Autodesk Maya. Hope you will enjoy the tutorial.

Link :-



Hey guys, made my first tutorial series. Not sure how to get it out there so i’m just gonna post it around! :shrug:

Flooding an Aquarium - Intergrating Realflow mesh and particles using Maya, Krakatoa MY and Nuke. (Original video here: In part 1 I will show you how to simulate the liquid using Realflow 2013 and Hybrido. In the next two parts we will render this sim and its mesh in Maya using V-Ray and Krakatoa MY. And we’ll color the Krakatoa render by velocity using Magma. And finally in the third part we’ll composite it all in Nuke.

Heres Part 1.
Part 2 is the Maya bit!

For higher Quality here’s the YouTube playlist:


hey, id like to recommend this tutorial series:

In this series you will learn how to plan out your work, how to model buildings and props using a variety of techniques, how to unwrap models using the uv editor and prepare them for texturing, how to texture your models & props in photoshop which is also explained in a slow and correct procedure.

I will be uploading 5 or so of them a day for the next few weeks, i hope they will be of value to some of the new users here.

Part 01 -

you will find a link to the next part 10 seconds before the end of each video, enjoy.


heres a video tutorial for modelling Gundam Alex