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Not sure if anyone has visited Escape Studios, but every month they release some very nice Maya tutorials. You need to register in order to watch them though which only takes a couple minutes.

Just thought I’d share.


Hi guys. How hard would it be for me to switch from 3dsmax to Maya? I’ve used max for 3 years but I am getting into animation and want to switch to maya.


I haven’t done it from Max to Maya, but from LightWave to Maya and didn’t think it was too bad. Check out a free ramp up video from Jason Ryan (Sup. Animator at DreamWorks) where he shows how to get around in Maya for animation.



Just like to share a cool tutorial of Maya Dynamics



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I’ll be adding YouTube tutorials, I find useful, to playlists in this channel:

External links will go in the channel description;
and the loaded YouTube Maya Learning channels
are linked under “Learn Maya”.


I’ve created five videos on entry level modeling skills. These videos are derived from my lectures on introduction to 3d modeling, and are a summary of those lectures. These videos are not for the advanced user, but someone with only a few months experience, or none at all, will find these to be very useful. My Maya preferences are available for download, and I recommend using them while following the videos. Thanks in advance.

free training videos


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Thank you all for sharing…you guys rock:thumbsup:


Hi this is my website, Maya character animation and many more. Thanks for watching…:slight_smile:

Maya character rigging tutorials


Hi! I’ve just embarked upon a long series of tutorials from called Maya Advanced Modeling. It is kinda old (uses Maya 7) but it is so extremely helpful for understanding many of the modeling tools that I had to recommend it here.

They have a monthly payment arrangement that is not all that bad. Totally recommend it if you are starting out with Maya as a modeler. I have used other products, but now I’m focusing in on Maya and it works really well for modeling once you understand its tools!

Besides, this series has a lot of humor in it as well, so you don’t fall asleep.


Maya Advanced Modeling


Hi , i’m new here. i need help to model a guitar using maya. As i’m new with maya, i was wondering if there is any tutorial i can follow ? I can’t find any online, so i hope someone can help me ? thank you. :sad:


PPGingras3D’s Channel.

Started a free Maya video tutorial channel a while back.
The channel will be updated regularly.

Please subscribe if you find them useful!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



up to this moment i have mostly used youtube tutorials, but also the ones provided by . It comes really handy for newcomers, but unfortunately you must pay a annual fee to get all the content you want (i don’t really remember the price because the University paid for my subscription).


Disco Airplane in Maya 2012 & Photoshop
5 hours tutorial available HERE, though it is in spanish if you decide to look at it, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to follow along





  Get the usefull tips form here.....


Visit for free video tutorials on 3ds Max and Maya & also download free 3d object models.


Hey guys thanks for sharing this info…it will be very useful for us

A Good collection of huge tutorials at


These tutorial resources are amazing! I was using paid membership sites to learn it thinking that was the only option…


Rendering wireframe is the most essential requirement for all cg artists to show the topology of their models. This video covers the technique of rendering smooth wireframe in Maya using the Toon shader and Maya Software Renderer.

(Part-1) - by software renderer

(Part-2) - by Mental Ray renderer


Visit for free 3D models and video tutorials.


Some useful stuff here: