Maya Tutorials


Wow! A lot of stuff.


a very good tutorial on how to model a head (using polygon modelling) and keeping a good edge flow:
but be aware. He’s rather quick :slight_smile: So you should at least know the basics of polygon modelling.


That’s terrific! Thanks for posting that. I forgot that people still do polygon-extrusion modeling. It’s so much fun to sculpt in mudox or zbrush and then retopologize, that one forgets how efficient and fast, extrusion modeling can be.


Awsome thanks for this list of awsome tutorials,


Woohoo some great tutorials here. Can’t wait to get my hands on them and start practicing! Thanks guys!


i saw this yesterday and it was really helpful for me.


I don’t know if this has been brought up yet, but it looks like Autodesk has a new tutorial channel up on youtube.

They have some interesting stuff on ICE/Maya interop, Assets, as well as some beginner videos. The nice thing is they seem to provide you with files so you can follow along.


Anyone could recommend me Maya Stuff in PDF’s for reading in my eReader?
Something like basics to advance… about all things… modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, etc…


Hi All,

In last five years of being a 3D artist, i have a taken so much from the CG Industry, and now its time to give something back.

Thousand of Tutorials are spreaded throughout the internet, and i thought of indexing them at a single Place. So heres the one Place

Keep checking this place because we are targeting to index 1000 tutorials in next 10 Days.

Keep Sharing


Thanks dude.i’ll take a look to the link


Very nice! I just bookmarked it :slight_smile:


Very nice…thank you


THANKS a lot!! this is very useful!!


A very good collection of Tutorials can be found at


Anybody knows of tutorials to model a carrom board? Particularly, having trouble with the pockets at the corner…

Or do any of you guys know how to model them? Sorry to trouble you guys, really not sure how to do it, hence, me being here, asking for help…

Am new to the forum, so any help is greatly appreciated!



I hope this Tutorial will help you Model the Corners of the Carrom.


Anyone knows a tutorial on how to model a space satellite, a realistic one?


Dose anyone know a tutorial on modelling a spce satellite. I couldn’t find any blue prints to guide me. It would be very helpful i you could give me some advice on where i colud find a tutorial or some blueprints or some materials for the satellite.
Thank you very much!



wow thank you so so so much!
I know how a space satellite looks like what i need are some blue prints or a 3d model so it could help me to model it and to aply the materials and the final result to be realistic