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Hi there everyone,

Here is a video tutorial/demo on creating a procedural joint chain animation setup … XD
Enjoy and feel free to comment, also the link to the script mentioned in this video is posted below …

Link to Video :rolleyes:
Link to Script :smiley:


Hey Pixelbahn!

I’m a “3d newbie” and I really enjoyed your tutorial, very good!! many many many thanks for that!! :buttrock:
I have two wishes though:

First wish. I didn’t wanna use a bump-map for the text on the rim. So I’ve tried lookin for a tutorial covering how to import illustrator “paths/nodes/vectors” to maya and converting them to polygons which are mergeable with the rest of the polygon objects… It actually looks like you have done just that in the picture? :eek:

Second wish. I really want a tutorial on how to make a realistic looking tire, with ofcourse “polygon logos”…



Thanks alot, these will definitly help me alot!



it’s me again under this thread… I’ve made another in depth videotutorial from start to finish on how to model, texture and render the “Rolex Daytona”. It’s split into 58 videos in HD720… something about 8hours of tutorial.
Modeling is done in Maya, UVlayout in Headus, texturing in Photoshop and Maya and finally rendered with Mental Ray.

just checkout my youtube page:

When you follow me step by step you should have something that looks like this:


where can I find some maya modeling cases?


Wow that watch is beautiful looking! Can’t wait to watch all your videos. Thank you so much for these!


what is a modeling case?


Here are a few tutorials I made.
Some are more instructional, and others are more for inspiration (hopefully).

[Video] Sci-fi door modeling:
[Video] UT3 Inspired Prop modeling:
[Rendering] Maya Detail Rendering techinique:
[Modeling] Floating Geometry introduction:

Hope they can help someone! :slight_smile:


hey guys :slight_smile: Can someone tell me where can i found tutorial for animating a car? :slight_smile:


Thank’s man . :applause:


Thnx man
I really need them


Anyone know of any good head texturing tutorials, especially ones that deal with UVs and procedural stuff like fractals? It can be text or video based, I just need it from someone who knows the way the game and movie industry textures heads in Maya. I guess it could even be a 3dsMax tutorial.


This is my First Post here…I am thankful to the Maya community for helping and advising…


Im starting a new tutorial series for Maya beginners, the plan is to have 1 or 2 new tutorials every week. The content will be based on the MEIS for Maya.

The first part that Im covering is UI/Scene Management

Link to the first tutorial


Should be ‘shelves’ instead of ‘shelfs’…


Thanks for that, I fixed it.


New tutorial
UI Navigation/Interaction - Part 1


Just finished a new MEL tutorial: How To Read Data From A Text File

Give it a look, let me know if it’s helpful. :slight_smile:


I just launched a new blog where I’m posting random MEL/Maya/nuke/vfx tidbits (including a beginners/artists introduction to MEL). Feedback very much appreciated btw… :slight_smile:


I have just started adding some tutorials to my site. More to come in the future, but here are the ones I have just now.

Maya - Remove namespace

Maya - Fix broken render settings window

HDR creation for CG lighting

Visit my online portfolio at -