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I have written a tutorial on those long long long LOAD and SAVE times, and a possible way to reduce it in some cases.

This is the link to my Tutorial


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Hi guys,
There was a tutorial posted recently addressing how to use the mental ray approximation editor to correctly render displacement maps. The example model was some sort of Alien Snail.

I thought I book marked it but apparently not. Does anybody know which tutorial I mean?


Um, are you sure it wasn’t an octopus?


That’s the one! Thanks for that.


I’m after a simple Car modelling tutorial using polygons only? any about?


:deal: How to make a custom tear in maya using ncloth. :deal:
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:deal: How to make a reflected chrome logo in maya’s view port. :deal:
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ummm…you mean this


Just thought that I would bump this link again. Amazing tutorials for the beginning Maya user, especially if you’re trying to move to Maya from another software package.


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quick rigging for your background characters


it`s great. so many tutorials. 3Q


Hey Guys,

I've made a video tutorial on how to create a photorealistic rim in  Maya. In about 15 videos I show every step from scene setup over polygon  modeling, uv mapping, texturing and finally rendering with mental ray.

If you're interested just click on:


Any comments or critique is welcome… thx :slight_smile:



I just added a basic nCloth tutorial on doing a cape attached to a dancing character.


Maya and photoshop video tutorials at
more to come, the site is new