Maya Tutorials


Here are some basic tutorials I created for Maya.

Baking Vertex Ambient Occlusion Tutorial

Decal Tutorial

Let me know what yo9u think of them. :smiley:


Here is a series of videos that show the modeling of a plastic coke bottle, from beginning to end. The entire process took about three hours and forty minutes but I increased the playback speed on the mundane and redundant sections so the total playback time is around two hours and fifteen minutes.
Hereis the link to my channel - be sure to enable annotations if you would like a description of what is happening.
If anyone is interested in modeling a coke bottle on their own I have placed the images I used for the image planes in thisalbum.

Thanks, all feedback welcome.


ThaannnKKKsss guys!!! i love you all

(i am a maya novice)


Making snow in maya 2010 tutorial:


Glad some of these tutorials help. Man there are some awesome posts here. Here is another one I archived real quick

 	    [b]Messiah Animation Pipeline to XSI, Lightwave, and Maya![/b]

This is an animation pipeline tutorial for motion baking and integrating those assets to Maya and XSI. Animation specialty application used is called Messiah. Third party commercialised plugin = Point Oven = 100.00 USD.

I hope this comes of use to someone. Be sure to check out other goodies at the site…



Thanks for all the links !!!


Thanks Sigma! :applause:


My free HD tutorials are in the blog
Mental ray


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Nice , Thanks Mr Sigma Gor Great Tutorials


Free Maya Fur Training



Hey thanks for the fur tutorials, oddly i’m going to be working on something that might require it so definitely good timing on your part, thanks for that!!!




Your welcome !!!


Here is a very basic tutorial on character hair modeling and transparency:

Hair Modeling


In this tutorial I will explane you how to make meat grinder.


Hy…I have a question and maby someone can help me.
And sorry for my bad english.
It is a post about maya on a page
Autodesk Maya 2010

And I want to know the name of the training regarding the picture below Muscle Man.
If anybody can help me withe the name of the training …maby i can find it on the net.
Here is the picture location so you understand what i am talking about.

Thx to all.


The muscle training is from the video tutorials for Maya 2008 Extension 2. You can find it here.


I know the video are there but i search the whole training that includs scenes and muscle model and all the staff.
On the autodesk site there are only parts of the whole video and i need the model too :slight_smile:


I’ve never seen the model. Unfortunately, many of the AD tuts don’t have models available. I find it especially aggravating with their webinars where a lot of good info is presented very quickly. Don’t know why they would create training materials w/assets that can’t be shared w/viewers…