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Thanks for this great resource! Heres another one to add to the list…

New Maya 2008 / 2009 Essential Training Masters Collection available now at

This great new training is taught by a senior 3D artist / instructor that works for MTV Networks in New York City and contains over 26 hrs of indepth training and is available on 3 DVD-ROM discs or as a digital download!

You can also use this training as a study guide to become a certified Autodesk Maya Instructor because all the lessons were originally created for this purpose.

It also includes bonus lessons on integrating Maya with Poser Pro and Vue 6 Infinte and a free Bonus Sci-Fi Texture collection for 3D artists and game developers that includes a fully textured Sci-Fi scene to help jump start you Maya training!!


For new users of Maya, a series of video tutorials covering the basics of the interface:



Have a look at this Maya / AE tutorial on different techniques for integration using
render layers. It touches on quite a few topics and has a quite a bit of information but hopefully it makes sense

[u][b]Maya Compositing Tutorial




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Matching Maya and Poser Cameras and Scales

Matching Poser cameras and lenses to Maya cameras and lenses

hint: the Poser film aperture width is 1.0

The Poser scale is based on ‘Poser Native Units’


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there are a lot of dead links on the first page, IS it not updated to reflect current available tuts?



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I am looking for good (free) beginning tutorials to using Python in Maya. I have no previous knowledge with scripting languages. I found Digital Tutors to have nice videos but sadly you can only view up to chpt 4 free. I am looking at and other information but just thought I would see if someone out there already knows of a good tutorial.
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I just want to let you know that we have a new set of videos on our site about MAYA

In this series of videos you will be learning some of the most important features of this suite of 3D tools, enabling you to realize your creative vision for your film, television, or design projects.

Maya 2009 Mastering basics Course Vol.1

If you want lo learn more about our site please visit

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Digital Arts Guild now offers a two-hour video tutorial series on the basic animation workflow in Maya.

Topics include:
Scene Layout
Materials and Maps
Animation Keyframing and Function Curve Editing
Simple Lighting
Batch Rendering
Compression Using Quicktime Pro


Aaron F. Ross
Autodesk Certified Instructor for Maya


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Here is a free tutorial I made for all. For some reason I found a lot of concerns on how to migrate OBJ props from Lightwave to Maya and ability to maintain UV coordinates.

If you cant view media, try downloading and installing current Flash player at Adobe.

Hope this helps.

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Tips and tricks are to be shared, Sharing is another way of learning so here is a small piece from me…

Eye Lid Rigging Tutorial… :beer:


free video tutorials


More video tutorials and free tutorials