Maya Tutorials


hii everyone =)

i just joined cgs, i was wondering if anyone knows a good tutorial on modeling and animating
a roller coaster, i wanted to put one in an envorment in my demo reel which i have
to start as soon as i get bak from break, thanx =)


hii i’m new =)

does anyone know of a good tutorial on making and animating a rollercaster scene so i can put in my demo reel?


Well Juan, the purpose of a demoreel is to show what your current capabilities are. Being able to follow a tutorial is great - but you should only include material your well experienced with…


ya dats true, it was just gonna be a small part of the reel though.
the roller coaster isnt wut i intend to show off, but your right =) i should focus more
on my skillz =)


is there a tutorial out there that can help me create a clock animation using MEL scripts?


you don’t need a script - just Google “clock maya expression” or “clock driven key maya”


its fine done’s - i’m finished with the clock.

I already know how to do clock in maya expressions - i wanted to know how to animate a clock with a MEL script instead as its more challenging but everythings okay - i got it.


…and how is an expression different from MEL?


well its - alot longer with a script because you have to specify everything. with the expression editor its easy but with MEL the code is different to what you use in the expression.


Hi, I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to create cloth so it can be animated, with out the use of n cloth? Like how do I rig it, and to a lesser extent, how do I model it as well?

Thank you :smiley:


Hi, im trying to model a rose using auto-desk maya and i was just wondering if anyone could give me a tutorial on how to this effectively and any tips would be great too.



Here are some tutorial by Gary Noden he writes for 3D work form time to time



Your site doesn’t work


no free tutorials but great free 3d models for max & maya, check it out


That’s weird is site was up and running last month just fine. I wonder if he is having server issues. His blog is still working


I mean this site sir,

thanks for reply


I just post a comment on his blog asking when his site might be back online. I will let you know if he gets it up and running.


His site is back online, it might have been a bandwidth issue and something with permissions. He said this on the 3D world forum. Mr Noden also asked if people would only download the tutorials they want and not all do to his bandwidth limit.


thanks sir your all repleys


Dear sigma :
Thanks a lot .