Maya Tutorials


I have opened up a new online school located at
All classes can be entered using the login as guest button so no need to register for them.

CIS171 is Maya
I also have allot of Zbrush videos in the software specific section


Anyone know where I can find a Maya based Jewelry tutorial? Specifically gemstones/diamonds. Looking to model something with facets.



I saw a tutorial some day, i’ll try to find it.
But if you just want the gemstone mesh you can look there :
it’s already done :slight_smile:


This is software you can get all designs from and build nice model…
There is quite a lot of models out there for it as well…



Ok what if I know nothing about Maya and need help extruding? Are there any basics tutorials out there. :confused:


For the basic tutorials, look into the maya series on I believe it’s the 2nd or 3rd chapter that goes over extruding.


I faund this site

They have a lot of tutorials about cinema maya and Houdini



hi all

been a while since i post on cgtalk.
wanted to add to this great thread 2 video tuts i made,

<<they are kinda in the rough ( no audio)>>

but I thought they might be interesting for someone
one video is about creating image planes ( kinda different approach), and the other is about creating a modeling shader to use along with the method i use to create the ref planes for modeling…

hope they are helpful to somebody


here are the links

Video tut on creating image planes via poly planes with backfaceculling
Quicktime Sorenson3, 20mb <RIGHT CLICK SAVE TARGET AS> =)

Video tut on creating a modeling shader with simple shelf buttons for transparency
Quicktime Sorenson3, 48mb <RIGHT CLICK SAVE TARGET AS> =)


great…this is what i expected most…i really appreciate this for me as a new maya user…thanks anyway


It’s so helpful.


Hello friends, I wrote a Maya live tutorial yesterday. Maybe you like it.
Tutorial adress is:


thanks for this tut man


the front page has a load of dead links :frowning:

if i go through and clean it up can one of the PTBs edit the post? i PM’d the thread starter but it seems he/she is not active anymore.


This link will load a series of free video tutorials I have been recording for my students. I am always adding more, so please keep checking back one in a while.

These are mostly aimed at novice users, and cover everything from a basic introduction to the software, through to rigging and animating a 3D character.



wo ding ding ding


very useful for me (as a new user)


Guys i found this free tutorial

Squirt By Kurt Boutilier

This free cartoon tutorial is for newer users to get a basic understanding of the modeling tools, techniques and interface of Maya 2008. The project begins by creating an image plane to guide us in modeling the basic shape and proportions in nurbs. Once we have our character blocked out we will then switch our nurb geometry into polygons to connect all the loose parts together to form one piece of geometery. Some of the many tools covered are isoparm creation, the move tool to move control vertexes for shaping, and the split polygon tool. After our character is attached we will then convert to sub’ds to have more control over shaping muscles.

Get it from here :-


I’m new to Maya, thanks sooo much.


Please could anyone post link for tutorials for a total newbie to maya and 3d, as the links for beginners posted are all dead.

Video or plain html tutorials will be welcomed and appreciated.


Thank a lot ,it’s helpful