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Hi everyone!
If anyone has or know links to any nCloth tutorials? Pls, I can’t get familiarized with it :slight_smile:
e.g. how to create a curtain


Try this, from Duncan himself:


that’s it :wink: thx!


World Of Tutorials

You also have some tutorials on my site…I started it recently that’s the reason why there are only a few tutorials, but just bookmark it and as time passes by I’ll add more!

Also be sure to vote for next tutorial :scream:!



This thread is starting to get really ancient, and still its a sticky while some of the tutorials are kind of out-dated. I think it would be a nice rehaul to delete this thread and start a new one with tutorials URLs only, and no comments / general talk allowed.

I dont have much to contribute with myself, but I am betting alot of people here are sitting on piles and piles of really good tutorials.

Any takers? :slight_smile:


Anybody got a tutorial for Maya 8.5 on blood cells and a script to populate them and a script for different behaivours as well? like this


SubD tutorials seem out of date, any new ones?


This is a tut that is written for max but can be easily applied to maya on doing a run cycle with fCrurves:

this site was quite good but now most tutorial link is broken.
are there any site like this


Noob question but in the first page of this tutorial:

I can’t find the create polygon tool anywere. As a note i’m use the Personal learning edition.


Noob question but on this tutorial:

I can’t find the creat polygon tool, any chance it’s because i’m using the personal learning edition?


If you are in Maya 8.5 its under MESH>CREATE POLYGON, fourth tool from the bottom of the drop down window.


Thank you very much, I can’t believe I didn’t see that, I was looking for ages.


No problem. It all starts to look the same after a while.


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I know, me again asking another question on the same tutorial. when it says change the transparency down to .5, how do I do this. It doesn’t seem to work. What I do is I right click on one of the images, add a material and then on transparency I move the bottom collum to .5. But it doesn’t change anything on the picture. How do I do it?


On the material settings there’s a hardware texture tab. Change the setting from diffuse to combined textures and that’ll give you transparency in the viewport.


Thanks a lot For Tutorials :applause:
Wow Nice!!


Hello to all.

I would like to ask if anybody can suggest some simple constraint animation tutorials. I just need something simple, for instance, a character bouncing a ball in their hand and then dropping it and leaving it behind. Nothing too fancy, just the basics really.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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