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#21 - The Alias PA head/face & body tutorial by Steven H. Stahlberg


here are some tutorials made by emmanuel campin they are great for lighting






wow guys, big thanks for all the tutorials here… it’s gonna be a promising summer indeed:bounce:


Simply Maya

I couldn’t find any previous mention of this site, so here it is. I found this site earlier today. There are a few video tutorials for download, as well as a bunch of models.


thanks dude!! thats a good site for learning Maya!! thanks buddy hmm but i am wondering whether there is any site tt teaches how to model a human body? and have a realistic eye modelling?
hope u have some idea! :slight_smile:


Shark Polygon Model: movie tutorial here

Camera motion: movie tutorial here

Creating a shadow: movie tutorial here

Helecopter Animation: tutorial movie

Rendering & Spotlight tutorial here

An easy animation: movie tutorial here

sorry if this has been already posted but just want to get my site out there…lots more tutorials on their way, hope to do 3-5 a week - also some advanced ones in production :slight_smile:



Hey guys ,
this is the best website to get tutorials for Maya :

And thanx all to have posted URLs :bounce:


Mmmmmmmmmmmh Tutorials!:love:


I found this fellows site linked from the simply Maya site… great stuff there too.

Nice basics that help with some trickier functions.


Just… GREAT!!! only word can say. :buttrock:


thanxxx alot guysssss !!! :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: I really appreciate it


Ok now !!!
I have a tutorial of creating such kind of effect using Maya,Mayaman and renderman or any other render !!!
But there is problem I don’t have a palce to put so you can download it !!! If any one is interested and has any place to put it (ftp or something) I’ll put it there the tutorial is 220k !!!


ok guys, here you can download the tutorial from Troydm.

explosion tutorial

it#s on lightspeed server day and night on in the university :thumbsup:


Anyone done a terrian scene? Like a desert? Or any guide to do up and desert background? :rolleyes:


clouds -


not exactly a tutorial - but a good reference to shaders from AW - good basic shaders to learn from


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THANKS Guys. U made me a very very very happy old man

I will post any new links (i can find one!!!)
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Entropy - Maya - RAT - (This tutorial demonstrates the use of RenderMan Artist Tools (MTOR) with Entropy.)

not sure if of use to anyone else but i was looking for it and found it


How to install MEL scripts INFO 20.02.2000

Where to place scripts and icons INFO 11.08.2001 NEW

Clear the script editor


Great stuff guys. Keep the Tutorials coming! You can never have enough.