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hi all

I am having a small problem with Zrush and I hope someone can help me. I made the model in Maya 2009 Exported as an OBJ file,
Imported to Zbrush and started my sculp process. All is done woth no problem, after that I pick the low divisions one and exported
as OBJ to make the UV, so far so good.
After all this I pick up my Zbrush again import to my scene and still looking good, but when I go up a division all hell breaks trow
the model explodes or something.
Can someone please help me with this can´t figure it out!!!will be much aprecciated thanks.


Sounds like you´re last export from Maya has made some meshes that don´t work inside ZBrush.
The most important thing about this is that you make the UVs in Maya after you made your model, then import to ZBrush and start modeling. Then you can export the displacement picture from ZBrush and import lowpoly model into Maya and apply the displacement.



Isn´t there anyway to do the UV in Zbrush!!!??


Yes but it´s not recommended if you want to use displacementmapping in another app!


Did you, File > Import Options > File Type Specific Options > Single Object ?

If when importing an OBJ back into Maya from ZBrush, and ‘Multiple Objects’ is turned on, then the vertex count order is changed and ZBrush will blow things up. Using ‘Single Object’ preserves the vertex count order.

(Display > Polygons > Component ID’s > Vertices, to check out what is meant by vert numbering)


that was it!forgot that know it´s working hust fine although I and to do the UV again but that´s no problem!!!:beer:


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