Maya surface extrude a profile along a path 1998 to 2021 profile still unusable


hi cgers
maya surface extrude a profile along a path 1998 to 2021 profile was always bad along path

industry standard, well for plumbers you come and install a maya pipe
quite simply you would be fired, in fact a plumber could not even make a maya pipe
so how does maya manage it…bad coding…no contour…bad banking…ie no clean up.

to reaffirm mayas commitment to your modelling issues
or how exactly do they do window trims or piping in cities or on furniture in maya
answer they use 3dsmax loft “contour” in the company building the geo.
no 3dsmax you are stuffed.(or houdini,cinema4d,modo or cad)

where exactly is the maya operator left
rotate and scale each crossection at the corner of the path
build everything flat…the world is flat i tell you, no maya we live on a sphere
then we lived in caves of all shapes
ie read no history at all.

maya extrude a profile along a path 1998 to 2021 profile was always bad along path
variable sized, angled, cross sections not wanted.
move points off horizontal flat axis, you get even worse variable sized cross sections.
and cross sections arbitrarily rotating along path, ie bad twists along path length,
if sharp corners bad overlapping cross sections.
where maya chooses to start the path there will be a bad corner, ie a jump from big to small
cross section…unless you reset path start to a non corner part of path…do that no history.

ALSO ISSUE the rebuild path option maya cannot quite simply keep
the same path shape , ie your corner cvs will move and not keep sharp
corners after rebuild.

please see attached:
why rebuilding the curve cannot work unless infinite span number
maya cannot rebuild an ep1 curve and keep the same shape regardless of all rebuild options given

then tried:

mel scripts
createTube-v1.4 mel script

uneven pipe diameter
rebuild path curve fails

maya surface extrude along pipe fails using QuickPipe1.5 mel script

uneven pipe diameter

please see attached:

it seems to be maya inablity to locate a cv in 3d space, ie
give it a direction, and then pass this to
extrude along a path…fails
bevel profile …fails
offset a curve …fails
loft a curve… fails
(fails in the sense that even profile is not maintained in all cases)

please see attached:

how to fix it maya. ( that called poly model by hand, very 1998, very maya, very rsi)

oh back in 2007 on the cgsociety maya forum:

suggested rebuild curve method does not work,

in this case an ep1 curve was used for both path and crosssection, using convert edges
to curve to build the original curves.

kind of sums it up, maya no.1 program sitting on its laurels,
doesnt give a … about its operators in vfx companies,
bah humbug i totally agree its pathetic.
the fact they put it out in version no 1 knowing it was like that
sort of scary.

suggestion whatever 3dsmax code is used for similar task,
use it in maya, stop … on operators.
its called “contour” in 3dsmax

if mayas code was built off alias, and alias
has maintain profile along path use the old alias code.

3dsmax can do constant cross section, but loses history
getting the spline shape from the geo edge
ie ok as long as you dont alter building later

see attached

starting to think all the buildings you see in maya in movies
are built in 3dsmax(maybe not only partial history) or houdini or cad,

otherwise how in maya can they do fittings at all,
on a large scale, and maintain history.

when maya cannot even do a simple frame easily. ( maybe 4 point on a flat surface
thats it for you maya users)

where exactly is the maya operator left
rotate and scale each crossection at the corner of the path
build everything flat.


how about the new sweep mesh?


not sure about sweep mesh no access to it at present
mostly switched to blender these days if not in a company,

looking at the youtube videos, i would say it has exactly the same faults because its dependant on mayas
wonderful lol nurbs curves (ie normal direction who really knows its a secret see flipped and twisted motion paths)
and how maya treats cross sections at corners on inclines (worst of class any 3d program)

lets face it its wierd adoption of scale and resolution of the crossection down the path is crap and asking for
trouble if you wish to move cross section and path with history, unisntance, scale the whole lot.

to me it just again sums up autodesk just are not willing to tackle what needs to be done to maya
at the ground level a proper set of houdini/nuke like nodes that may offer a maths attribute BUT
the user does not have to put in a maths attribute to get it to work, which is houdinis major flaw.

ie here it would be a sweep mesh node with 2(option to add mutiple crosssections, position on path,works with
different cv unmbers on crosssections) inputs and an output(polycount at each cv or even but maintains crossection at all corners),

( which is what it might be,
but all the cross section scale and rez dependent on scale, uuurh)
Oh lets sing the maya fuck up in waiting DOUBLE TRANSFORM slayer of all parametric nirvana.

its like maya goes for the hardest most stupid route in program design, i am sick of the default attach to motion path, being the one that never works, are they stupid yes, who designs a plane, to land without the default option
being lower the undercarriage first

too emotional think like an ai program use logic and reap the benfits