Maya Structures - Procedural Buildings Generator


Hi guys!

Create a city in a few clicks with Maya Structures, a Maya Python Script that generates procedural buildings and structures, machines, sci-fi towers, slums, etc. It allows you to use your own models, so the result is not locked to a specific look. It is compatible with Maya 2013 and up (2018 now). Note that it is not compatible with Maya LT (not MEL).

You can buy it on Gumroad:

And Cubebrush:

Some of the Features are:

  • Create infinite variations
  • Different Structures modes
  • Different Towers Modes
  • Different Random Rotation Modes
  • Supports instancing and grouping
  • Works with any custom mesh
  • Works with Redshift Proxy (in instance mode)
  • Replace some units on the fly
  • Chaos modes
  • Slum Modes
  • Etc

The script is called Structures, but can use it to generate a LOT of different things: machines, city, sci-fi stuff, scaffoldings, etc, etc, etc. There are some rules to follow and a small learning curve to optimize the efficiency of the script, but the response of the customers so far is amazing!

Have fun!