Maya shader problem.


Okay so the normals are all correct and history is deleted.
There’s no extra attributes to the black model.
Everything is set but the shader just turns black for some reason.


Maybe she has no UV?


Look like a ‘normal’ problem to me since she has some shading on her arm and back of het legs. Could be inverted normals?

Or perhaps the normals are locked? In that case you have to do Edit Polygons->Normals-> Set Vertex Normals with ‘unlock’ turned on. After that you do a ‘Normals->Set to Face’. It’ll reset your normals though…which is especially bad of the model is already skinned.


Marcel you’re a lifesaver! It worked. I unlocked the normals and bam! it’s up and running fine.
Thanks alot.
I wonder why it locked the normals? I imported the obj(female) in and the normals were all messed up. They were inverted too. I fixed it then again it gave me all black.
Did I import it wrong or something?


I’ve had the same normals problem after binding for some reason.


Thats what importing from an obj does, for some reason it locks the normals.


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