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I hope it’s not considered poor form for a first post to be something of a shameless plug. If it is I can only apologise, but hopefully the material should go some way to making up for it…

So anyway, I’ve worked in the games industry for around 10 years initially as an animator and for the last 3 as a character TD. Last month I finally got round to starting up this blog. It’s concerned with Maya rigging for games, also Mel scripting, UI customisation and perhaps a bit of Unreal Engine stuff in the future.
I think it’s got some good stuff on there so far and I’ve got a list as long as my arm of stuff I’d like to cover.

So, if you fancy a look please drop by. Feel free to leave comments, ask questions, point out that I’ve not explained something properly etc. etc.



Being a newcomer here myself, I’m not sure if it’s bad form, but as a rigging beginner I greatly appreciate that you posted the blog.

I’ve only just begun to dig into it but what I’ve seen so far is excellent and I’ll be sure to keep checking it for updates.

Thanks for sharing.



Great resource. I’ve been tinking about doing something similar for a while, but time and learning new stuff always pulls me away. I’ve had a few animators and artists ask me about basics of rigging and scripting, so I was leaning towards some basic tutorials and stuff. So it’s really great to see this.

Great stuff, keep it up.


man, your blog is awesome! Although I’m not in a game production, still, lots and lots of information for me to explore.

THANKS for sharing,
happy new year!


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