Maya Reverse Heirarchy flipping problem


Hey guys, I switched to Maya 6 and I was redoing that tutorial from the Maya Foundation book “Primitive Man” In Chapter 16(I never had problems with this before by the way) no matter how many times I try to constrain the toe_control joint to the ball joint and then the ball_control joint to the ankle joint it flips on me when I add an orient constraint. Any ideas? Is there something I’m missing because it’s Maya6 and not 5 now?


I dont remember doing that tutorial. But when ever I have fliping joints when trying to coinstrain them I orient the joints again and make sure that the axis are setting right on top of each other.


Ya your right, I just went in and selected the joints I orient constrained that were flipping and then in the attribute editor I rotated them 180 degrees along the axis that was flipping and that fixed my problem. Thanks my friend


I was havving that happen to me during the same tutorial, I don’t believe it tells you to check maintain offset in the options box. Thats what I did and it worked for me…hope this works for you to.


I also was having the flip problem, changing the values in the attribute editor is a temporary fix and it will revert back to its flipped position becouse I tried your technique. But I did find out what was doing it, in the options box when adding your constraints the default settings have to be changed. Just check maintain offset when adding your constraint, I know I was doing that same tutorial I it doesn’t say to but it worked for me.



Thanks for helping me out guys.


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