Maya Render


I’m having a problem with the render.
Whenever I use it, the resulting image or plyablast is much smaller than it looks on the viewport.
Any idea how?


There are a few things that cause this, but it kind of depends on what you mean.

is the image itself small? as in low resolution? if that’s the case, then adjusting your image size under the general tab of the render settings, as well as changing Options>Test Resolution in the render window. There are similar options under the play blast option box.

if the image is correct resolution but the object is actually just too small it could be the overscan setting on the camera (select the cameraShape, and look under Display Options, default is 1.3.). If you’re adjusting the overscan, it helps to turn on the resolution gate (can be found at the top of the viewport under View>Camera Settings.

Could also be that you are rendering from the wrong camera, if you had created another camera. you can change your main renderable camera in the general render settings, and you can tell maya which camera to render with in the render window by going to Render>render>[desired camera]


Yeah i intended that the object is too small, the resolution is fine.
I did what you told me, and it did nothing on the playblast, it is like before, and on the current frame render it got things worse.
I really don’t know what to do. The problem is that the width is just fine, but the height doesn’t change. I changed camera, changed the overscan (by the way my default was 1) and it did nothing.
Think it’s something wrong with maya?


Really not sure actually. Would you be willing to upload your scene file?