maya render question


I am very new to maya…how do i render a good image?
I made a cylinder…but when i render it…its not really round…how do i render the image do tat its really round…i have some wired car…the edge r not round…but when its render…its really smooth and round…how do you go about tat? many thx


sry…type on the first msg…i mean I have “seem” somw wired car tat is doesnt have round edges but the render image is round…how do i go about tat…thx



you could increase the axial subdivisions.

Or simply use a NURBS cylinder instead.
These NURBS can be “edgy” in the perspective viewport, but after the tesselation it gets smoother. You can adjust these tesselation attributes.

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how do i render a good image?
Maya always renders good images

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edit polygons > normals > soften/harden


press 3 on the num pad


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