Maya render for Architecture



I was wondering if any of you guys could share a little bit the workflow of rendering architectural stills in Maya.
I typically model everything in Archicad. Then I import the whole model in Maya using the .3ds file format with all the textures. The model would be of 2-3 millions polygons.
Do you have any tips for lightning and shading the model ? I want to use IPR for direc feedback. Mental Ray with IPR seems to not update correctly when applying new shaders and adding/editing new lights…
Is Renderman a solution for this kind of job ?
I usually look for gradient effects in shadows, strong fog control, realistic glass and having a library of materials. What should I turn on/off in the attribute spread sheet ?
PaintFX should be a nice solution for vegetation.
I am not looking especially for realism, but more for the watercolour / oil painting style.

I hope to here from you comments and suggestions.



IPR/MR works fine to me, i always use it to change the textures/lights…etc
when you import your models (3ds) inside Maya, you need to check visible in reflections/refractions, or it will not work with MR:thumbsup:


thanx for the tip slipknot66 :stuck_out_tongue:
I probably should also turn off “double sided”.
I was wondering if the dvds from ryan church at gnomon about architectural rendering were of any help.
any ideas how this image was done ?
it was done with brazil render.


Well… i think this image was probably modeled in 3d studio Max and rendered with Brazil.
You can create images like that with Maya and Mentalray, to be honest i think most of these new renders are trying to “imitate” Mentalray.In my opinion Mentalray is the best render, its just a matter of learn how to use it.most ppl that say that they dont like mr, its because they dont know how to use it, mr is not a “1 push button render”, you need to understand what you are doing…ehehe. Im still learning it, there tons of things to learn.And Maya, well… MAYA is the best, i love it…i was working with 3d max,which is a good software too, but then when i started to work with Maya… geez… its 1000% better than max, i think is much more productive, you have everything you need in front of you, the interface its not a problem, as in Max.Well its just my opinion, i think most ppl that work with architecture visualization, are still using Max for 2 reasons, first the price, max is much more cheaper than Maya, second , i think because of the integration with Autocad, other than that, i think Maya would be used a lot in the architecture visualization field.:slight_smile:

Ps: sorry about english… im from Brazil… so… well…lol


Hey mate, I think with that image.

They rendered the final image with lighting texture and all then took it into photoshop and then marqueed tooled the left and right sides of the image and then on a new layer made it a dusty blone brown then change the layer opacity to Screen or Mulyiply.



Well maya complete is actually cheaper than max and you hardly need the maya unlimited features for architecture visualization. I think it’s the facts that max can handle dwg based projects a bit better (everything Autodesk) and the marketing of Autodesk saying that they deliver the state of the art architecture pipeline.
Maya on the other hand is great for previz stage of an architecture project and quite ok for just rendering a ready made geometry.
Alias should care a bit about architectural stuff, I think it’s a big market beside of Movies, TV, and Games. Far more architecture offices out there than TV stations : - )

For architecture you should stick to a renderer that can do Global Illumination (like MR).
What is also great about MR3.3 for architecture ist that you can do the contour line stuff right in one pass with the beauty pass.

About the interface: I totally agree I also switched from max to maya and love the interface. The GUI doesn’t follow the standard windows rulez, and thats soooo great. Much more intuitive!

For 3ds as an exchange format. Havn’t used archicad for ages but check out if it support IGES file export. That’s a open format which allows you to export import higher geometry (like nurbs). Maybe better, maybe not, depends on the actual model.
Maya’s IGES import is ok… could be better.


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