Maya poly to subd transparent mesh problem


Some meshes when converted from poly to subd in maya 2011(dunno if there’s same problem in older versions since I’ve just started) they become transparent in viewport and don’t render. But some other meshes convert just fine. I have no idea what could be causing this.
They don’t render in any renderer, mr, maya software or vray for maya.


Have you tried deleting the history and re-applying the shader to the mesh ?



Yes I tried deleting history and freezing transforms. Applied a new lambert but it’s still transparent.
Then I got my backup that was poly and not converted and converted it to subd and it was just fine.
It seems like it’s almost random.

Note that I also have similar problem when using bevel. If I add 3 or more edges as output, some polies might become transparent. Then I delete one poly and fill it back, that usually makes all polies solid again.

First I thought it was just viewport problem because of my bad integrated gpu, but since they don’t render too, that’s not the problem after all.


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