Maya poly history stack like blender extrude(solidify) and bevel modifiers always on top is this possible in maya


hi cgers
maya poly history stack like blender’s extrude (solidify) and bevel modifiers always on top is this possible in maya

ie in maya take any poly shape you like add an extrude to all faces then select all edges of result then do a bevel
then sdiv result…

maya ok so far…BUT NOW GO BACK IN STACK

now go back to mayas base poly object before you added the extrude and bevel and add loops or multicuts
to your base object presume you have to turn off extrude and bevel in maya node editor to work at all?
this seems totally broken when you switch extrude and bevel back on in maya?

blender , houdini would extrude(solidify) and bevel all newly added faces/ edges as well

can maya do this at all like blender and houdini? in the node editor if getting desperate?

(blenders limitation if you need to access the extrude (solidify) and bevelled edges
you need to collapse the blender stack.)



It would be possible with some kind of procedural selection node, like Mainframe’s Prosets.



surprised they dont hire them
just to make houdini but easier “slightly simpler” nodes for maya.

as would want all nodes fully interchangeable

at the moment maya is becoming a set of plugins some paid some not
that may or may not work together
as this stopped particular plugin in 2019.

though presumably they are doing something for current versions of maya

its pretty clear maya in its current form
needs parametric nodes out of the box.

at least its possible in one or 2 older versions of maya

thx again


Give a try.
The first release should be ready in some weeks.


tested proset and bool plugin as now old free version

found does not work except in limited circumstances

major features missing cannot seem to autoselect boolean intersection edges only
so you cant fillet just the boolean intersection edges

if you edge extrude your start mesh after doing a proset and have used extrude(thickness) 100% of faces in prosets
it wont recogise the extra faces you have added with extrude edge.(ie wont extrude the added faces with thickness) unless user error

its not clear if you should turn off the proset to see your start geo or not?

wierd bugs where it seemed to duplicate the proset in the outliner 20 times

i think houdini and 3dsmax blender better solutions at these particular modelling issues.

cant test polygonflow as beta seems closed. though looks promising

either way all the bad bevel overlaps and constant extrude thickness issues
maya has always had get highlighted as bad geo in prosets

anyway might get rid of maya interface altogether
in such things.

dont worry maya heros and maya programmers cgers total respect
even more knowing you have to work with this on a daily basis.


Graphn looks cool. And would have been great to have proSets added to Maya natively.

you can actually get some of the extrude and beveling modifier capablities in Maya natively.

I made a video showing how to hack your own extrude modifier.


thx onionhead, very impressed, indeed

wished maya would start implementing some parametric node system soon
not sure if latest bifrost could do it

maya still lagging behind in the parametric node race,
blender v3 getting up to speed with geometry nodes and sverchok(not really realtime),
people starting to build houdini parametric style buildings in blender,

give autodesk another few years,

maya needs a massive nurbs update as well, as easier for history.

all we need is a shader definition like usd so shaders are transferrable between
different renderers…and a rigging definition.

will try it out with history stack (does maya have history stack, good joke lol)

thx onionhead, very impressed, indeed


thx onionhead, very impressed, indeed

tried your tutorial out, works under certain conditions, breaks sometimes if vertical extruded edges,
you will get odd angled extrusions at lots of corners ( but i have seen this with maya a lot with bevels
and extrusions ie my maya angled room cgsociety question 3dsmax and cinema4d better)
but maybe vector extrude offset size too big as you said,
if you wished to use houdini style combining with additional meshs after the fact need to rebuild from scratch,
yet to get a blender experimental v3 geometry nodes to see if possible in blender

but thanks learnt about polyDuplicateAndConnect very useful.

please see attached for wierdo results


you are welcome. if you are interested in procedural modeling in maya. keep an eye out for componentTags. Its kinda a new way to pass components to the other nodes. Right now its mainly for procedural rigging. but i can forsee it being useful for modeling down the line.