Maya PLE Rendering Question


Hey all,
After searching through these threads I’m a bit confused. I just downloaded the PLE version of Maya (well 3 days ago anyway) and have yet to figure out why the renders look so bad. I’ve looking in the online help and so far to no avail.

I’ve been using 3ds Max for about a year and a half and am thinking of switching to Maya, hence the trial version to learn the interface. Anyone know why items look jagged in the renders?

I’ve tried messing with the AA settings, and the renderer perameters (going from draft to production quality). Any help would be greatly appreciated.



When using polygon -> Set your AA settings to ‘Production quality’
When using nubs -> Turn on Advanced tesselation and up the values.

P.s. could you please post a screenshot on how the rendering looks like ? i’m wondering how those watermarks look like in version 5 :slight_smile:


Chappo - thanks that really helps. Here is a screen shot of the render window.

The watermarks are really ugly and make it quite hard to evaluate the render. I know why they do it but it still makes that aspect a little harder to base decisions on.


Oops, tried to updated the image and it got lost. Here it is again.


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